When you booze it up a lot you got to mix it up, too. Otherwise you're going to experience the drinker's plateau and the drinker's doldrums. The plateau happens when your body gets used to the same types of alcohol you put into it. The buzz is not as satisfying and your favorite glass of suds doesn't taste that great anymore. Think about it. You wouldn't want your favorite meal everyday for the rest of your life, would you? Take your liver on a vacation to the Far East with these five Asian cocktails.


The Jewel of Pangaea – You can buy this cocktail in Singapore for a mere $26,000 or you could just buy a Prius with that money. It's true, this is the most expensive drink in Southeast Asia, but you can make it at home with some high-end champagne and Hennessy. Pour a shot of the Hennessy into a flute of the bubbly. Now, take your favorite piece of gold jewelry and shave some gold flecks into the cocktail and garnish with a one-karat Mouawad triple-X flawless diamond. You could just skip the gold and the diamond to make an affordable drink at home.



Asian Pear – Blend two peeled, cored, and roughly chopped Asian pears with a tablespoon of lemon juice and one cup of your favorite sake. Now get your most favorite cheesecloth and strain the puree through it. Press down on the chunks to get as much of this delicious cocktail's juice as possible. Pour into a glass full of ice and garnish with a shiso leaf.



Asian Mist – Get your Boston shaker out and pour some liquor into it. Cut down the sweetness of a shot of coconut rum with a half-ounce of white rum. Throw in three-quarter ounces of Midori and top with Sprite and pineapple juice to taste. Stir it up and enjoy the green glowing liquid. This one may look like a girl's drink, but it's high octane.



Rangoon Ruby Cocktail – Get a 10 ounce glass, fill it with ice, and squeeze a half a lime right into it. Toss two ounces of your favorite vodka over the ice and top with a mixture of cranberry juice and soda water to taste. Stir that bad boy up and garnish with some lime. It's ruby. It's red. It's totally rangoon.



Pomegranate Martini – Martinis don't get really complicated because they are high octane. By that we mean that they are mostly booze and this pomegranate martini is no exception. Get that Boston shaker out and fill it with ice. Pour two ounces of your favorite Mandarin orange flavored vodka and two ounces of pomegranate juice right into it. Top it with one-quarter ounce of simple syrup, pop the top on, and shake it up. Strain over a martini shell.