When you walk down the men’s shaving aisle, you’ve basically got two options: chemical goop made God knows where or something your grandfather used. We’re all for ancestral steez, but we prefer it with a modern flair. So we poked around and found five products you need to have in your medicine cabinet—all made right here in the USA.

Long Island’s The Holy Black Trading Company gets you going. A bar of cowboy coffee exfoliating soap opens the eyes first thing in the morning. Homemade shave soap lifts your shadow like no other. And most importantly, alcohol-free aftershave has you smelling good—and turning ladies’ heads—all day long.
Aesthetic: Victorian boxer.

Madame Scodioli offers everything from shave soap to tattoo balm, but our favorite is her line solid cologne. Whether you want to smell like leather, black tea and tobacco or Aged Bourbon, she’s got you covered. We’d normally be skeptical of a lady’s word on men’s grooming products, but this one is bearded. Straight from America’s Heartland (Kansas) to you.
Aesthetic: Carnival strongman.

Forget what you know about pomade: Bona Fide, based in Santa Ana, California, is leading the pack of water-based pomades. Their products provide all-day hold for a slick, retro look with none of the heaviness of petroleum. Gone are the days of waking up to grease all over your pillow. Here are the days of a clean look that washes out with regular shampoo.
Aesthetic: Don Draper.

Wheaton, Illinois-based Captain’s Choice offers four different kinds of aftershave, including bay rum. This is the classic scent that helped grandpa snare grandma. Their bowls and brushes will help you to get a good lather going. A vintage flask set will class up anything you’ve got laying around in plastic bottles. We’re digging the pirate theme, too.
Aesthetic: Sexy grandpa sailor.

Man’s Face Stuff gets an A+ for simplicity, from the name to the packaging. They do moustache wax, they do beard balm, they do lip balm. That’s it. The Portland, Oregon-based company will have your whiskers smelling like red hots or ginger, pipe tobacco or a gin and tonic. Sampler packs available.
Aesthetic: Burt Reynolds.