With the waves of backlash against “Twilight” and other such groan-inducing movie heroines, it was only natural that Katniss Everdeen finally grace the silver screen. There’s only so much we can take when it comes to damsel in distress stories. That’s why TV and film writers are always looking for scripts that are edgy—it’s leading ladies with guts that can keep people glued to their seats. Such stories aren’t just the work of fiction. History has had its fair share of kickass women. Here are just a few who were even more badass and hotter than anyone in the “Hunger Games“.

Joan of Arc


Joan was born a French peasant girl and believed she had visions from Jesus. It wasn’t just Joan who had faith in herself; other people believed her, too. That paved the way for her to become a leader during the tumultuous time of the Hundred Years War. She even led the French troops into battle. Even though she was seen as a saint, she was eventually captured, and it was the uptight Brits who ended up burning her alive. What have you done by nineteen that made you unforgettable centuries later?

Ann Boleyn


Don’t make the mistake of thinking Ann was as simple as her name. This foxy lady was underestimated by all until she charmed her way into the life of King Henry VIII. Her wit and beauty not only had King Henry lusting after her-he changed the religion and laws of all of England just to marry her. Unfortunately, he had his fill not too long after the honeymoon. After changing the course of human history, Ann was publicly beheaded. It’s rumored that her eyes were alive with movement for a few moments after death. If that isn’t badass, what is?

Queen Elizabeth I


This fiery and redheaded queen had some serious daddy issues after seeing King Henry VIII cast aside her own mother and behead so many of her stepmothers just so he could remarry. It’s possible that’s why she stayed single and ruled her kingdom as a single woman. She wore her single status with pride-something many women today feel too ashamed to do. She also rode into battle and helped defeat the Spanish Armada, sealing the stamp of badass for herself. She helped encourage artists and writers like Shakespeare, and her rule became known as the Elizabethan era for her contribution to English culture.



Cleopatra was a Greek ruler of Egypt. This fierce queen actually married her brother according to the custom of the time, but she went on to have flings and affairs here and there. It was her affinity for men in positions of power that made her the legendary ruler that she is today. Two of those men were Caesar and Mark Anthony. Believe it or not, it was her large nose that was considered a symbol of power back then, and she’s still held as a beauty icon hundreds of years later, even though small button noses have become the beauty standard.

Queen Boudica


After British Queen Boudica’s husband died, she was flogged, and her daughters were raped. Boudica led an army in revolt and defeated the high and mighty Roman forces. Her bravery caused the Romans to write about her back when written records were not the norm for the British. That’s why she’s still known widely in the UK to this day, nearly two thousand years later.