With more than 30 different beer types and almost 2,000 craft breweries operating in the U.S. alone, choosing a beer name is no easy feat. Not to mention that label has to be OK’ed by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. The following are just a few beers that’ll make you scratch your head as to how they got approval. And you may not want them hanging around your fridge the next time the fam is in town.

1. Flying Dog Brewery Pearl Necklace Stout

OK, so this beer is actually made with oysters as a key ingredient, but that still doesn’t explain how this sexual euphemism got past the censors. Flying Dog is also home to Raging Bitch Belgian-Style Pale Ale, In-Heat Wheat Hefeweizen and Horn Dog Barleywine. Then again, you’d expect nothing less from labels featuring the art of Ralph Steadman, sidekick to gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson.

2. Moylan’s Brewing Co. Kilt Lifter

As the story goes, when one dons a kilt, proper protocol dictates that you go commando. And that there’s only one way and one way only to lift a kilt—what might happen when a guy starts ogling the ladies on the first page of this story. Though, at 8 percent ABV, this Scotch Ale has a better chance of lifting your spirits than it does the hem of your favorite bagpipe-playing gear.

3. SweetWater Brewing Co. Motorboat

A little more subtle than their colleagues at Flying Dog, SweetWater still capitalizes on the ignorance of innuendo with this beverage. If you’re unfamiliar with the double meaning of the term, feel free to Google it. SweetWater also brews Happy Ending Imperial Stout and 420 Extra Pale Ale. If they were to release a dark stout, the smart money’s on it being called Dirty Sanchez.

4. Young’s Dirty Dick’s Ale

This beer goes for straight-up locker room humor (or, since this is a British beer, Benny Hill-inspired comedy). Seriously, go to tell your buddies you got your hands on some Dirty Dick’s last night and see what expression pops up on their faces.

5. Foothill Brewing Sexual Chocolate

This beer just sounds ribald doesn’t it? And the label doesn’t help matters much. That said, this coco-infused Imperial Stout only comes out once a year and consistently scores high ratings and wins medals in the beer community. You can tell your mother that’s why you have several bottles stashed in the cooler.

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