Men across the country are trading in their regularly scheduled breakfasts for a large cup of joe with a tablespoon of medium-chain triglyceride oil and two tablespoons of grass-fed butter—and not eating again until lunch. Bulletproof Coffee, created by entrepreneur Dave Asprey, certainly provides you with calories, but is adding Land O’Lakes to your java the smartest morning meal choice?

Sports nutritionist Trevor Kashey, a researcher at, an independent and unbiased encyclopedia on supplementation and nutrition, isn’t all that impressed. “It provides you with calories,” he observes. “It will curb your appetite, but there’s no nutrition in there, so basically you’re consuming all this fat with no nutrients, and that’s supposed to be tiding you over until lunch.”

The following five options are healthier and smarter than buttering your brew—and they taste better, too.

1. Cuppa Steak
“If you want to have a heavy dose of fat in the morning and still have some nutrition, I don’t see why a guy can’t just have a piece of steak when he wakes up,” notes Kashey. The idea is to take those butter calories and get them from a nice piece of meat instead. “Black coffee and meat. I think that’s about as manly as you can get.” A dose of protein in the morning gets your anabolic processes going, so you don’t have to depend on unnecessary catabolic processes—such as cortisol and adrenaline—to get through to lunch.

2. Caffeinated Oats
For a less fatty breakfast, Kashey recommends brewing coffee into your oatmeal. It’s easy to do. Instead of boiling water for oatmeal, just have 12 ounces of coffee ready to pour into your favorite mug, preloaded with a cup of dry oats. “If you brew it on a timer, you can wake up with caffeinated oatmeal, and it’s actually pretty damn good.” You can also mix it up with chai tea if you so choose.

3. Protein Shakes
Kashey is quick to point out that a protein shake can be as easy to prepare as bulletproof coffee, and can have the same number of calories but also include protein and carbs, which are vital to repairing and expanding muscle tissue after hard exercise.

4. Muesli
Preparing a meal the previous night means you don’t have to stress out about waking up early to make breakfast. Just put your oats in the fridge with some milk, nuts and seeds, spices and fruit, and let it soak overnight. “If you’re looking to get healthy bang for your buck, blueberries are one of the best things you can consume,” so make sure to add some of those for the fiber, antioxidants and nutrients.

5. Eggs and Vegs
If you’re short on time, you can even pre-scramble your eggs in a shaker cup, add your spices and seasonings, and then microwave ’em or cook them on the stove when you wake up. Add some vegetables if you’re cooking on the stove. Otherwise, consider quality powdered green drinks. “If you’re not eating your vegetables like a good doobie, powdered vegetables are better than nothing.”