College football mascots can either be intimidating, cute or downright creepy (The Stanford Tree comes to mind). Although there are many mascots that fall into the cute category, the five mascots listed here are irresistable to women even if they’re not football fans. Don’t worry, we won’t tell if you find them irresistable as well.




The University of Georgia Bulldogs real-life canine mascot has been at every Georgia home game since 1956. English Bulldogs have that so-ugly-they’re-cute factor going on, which makes Uga the perfect mascot to make the ladies say, “He is so adorable!”.  Uga’s human-in-costume buddy, Hairy Dawg is pretty cute as well, but it’s no Uga.


Big Red


The Hilltoppers of Western Kentucky University’s Big Red is simply a massive red, furry lump of cuteness. Debuted in 1979, the red blob is supposed to represent the spirit of WKU and the school’s nickname. We have no clue what any of that has to do with a massive ball of fluff that resembles Cookie Monster, but it was the ’70s.




The University of Oregon’s mascot looks oddly similar to another popular duck who has a speech impediment. That’s because they’re pretty much the same. Puddles is really just good old Donald Duck dressed in Oregon’s gold and green. Don’t let this innocent looking duck fool you, Puddles has been voted the Worst Behaved Mascot of 2010 after an incident involving the University of Houston’s mascot, Shasta.


Albert and Alberta Gator


University of Florida’s  gator couple appear together at University of Florida home football games, but they seem to have seperate lives too. Albert shows up solo at men’s sporting events and Alberta shows up alone at women’s supporting events. Maybe it’s good that they spend some time away from each other, they have been together since 1970 with no divorce in sight. Awww.


Otto the Orange


Who says fruit can’t be fun? Syracuse University’s Otto is a ball of energy. Do they grow oranges in Syracuse? We don’t think so, but Otto is a great mascot. He’s so squeezable too. Who wouldn’t want to give Otto a big old hug?