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She’s heard the “nice eyes” or “sexy lips” compliments. Chances are she’s heard the more crude comments like “nice ass”. Compliments don’t come in short supply for most women. But, face it, quality compliments can be scarce. Maybe it’s the fragile male ego, or male insecurity that makes it so tough for many men to see women for what they really are, complex human beings with a lot to offer. Not shallow one dimensional objects to be drooled over. But of course, fine upstanding men like yourselves don’t suffer from such common male ailments like insecurity or the weakness of ego, right? Because of this, you can understand the importance for recognizing women for the people that they are. You’re also well aware of the fact that these five seductive compliments are ones women don’t hear enough.

Their Brains.


Yes, women, too, have them. Women are creative; they’re heads of companies, politicians, mathematicians. You name it, women can do it. Unfortunately, many men don’t seem to recognize this fact. Women appreciate being viewed as the complex beings they are. Giving a woman a compliment on her brain, the way she views things her abilities, will mean much more than telling her she looks good in any particular dress. Try acknowledging how intelligent your lady is; it’ll be much appreciated.

Personal achievement.


Women work just as hard as men—and in many cases harder—in order to achieve their goals. In a male dominated society, where women still don’t earn the same wages or get the accolades that their male counterparts receive, it’s very important to recognize when women can move up the social, economic, professional and/or political ladder. It’s no easy feat. Compliment your lady on the goals she set and achieved. She deserves it.

Her Style.

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Guys have no problem telling their love interests how hot they are. That’s not the issue. What men do tend to do is overlook the uniqueness that is their girlfriend. Take some time out to notice the little things she put into getting dressed. Saying “babe your butt looks great in them jeans” is not sufficient. But, noticing how her earrings compliment her top and shoes is a much more effective compliment. It shows that you pay attention to her. It shows that you acknowledge the work she puts into creating an ensemble to go out with you. Guys don’t realize how tough it is; all you have to do is throw on a nice shirt and jeans.

The way she takes care of you.

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Umm, this is very important. Too many times, guys take the domesticated stuff their ladies do for granted. She cooks for you, maybe she washes your tire tracked boxers. In essence, she goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable. Maybe she shows up to one of your intramural basketball games as moral support, knowing you have no business pretending to be Kobe Bryant. She’s there for you—make sure you acknowledge this more often by complimenting her, then follow it up by spoiling her in some way.

Her parenting.


Women are just expected to be good parents. Men really don’t realize how involved with a child a good mother has to be. Pregnant women carry this being inside of them for nine months. It’s constantly zapping their energy. When the kid is born, it continues to consume its mother’s energy in some way shape or form. As the child grows, the mom is always there. Being a mother is a 24 hour job, and most modern day moms have professional lives on top of that as well. Men can never fully understand what goes into being a good mother, but you can make sure your wife or girlfriend understands just how much you appreciate her as the mother of your child. Compliment her expert parenting, if for no other reason than you know you couldn’t do it yourself.