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Here is a quick lesson in the five condiments every man needs. There is more to a condiment than a package that leaks liquid substance. When it comes to good taste, condiments know how to bring it! So what are these five condiments every man needs?

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A1 Steak Sauce for the A1 man. The United Kingdom gave men what they wanted in 1831: a steak sauce that would prove flavor-enhancing to bland meats.  It only took 64 years for North America to trademark the United Kingdom’s steak sauce creation, and 180 years later, A1 still remains a favorite marinade in a loaded category of steak sauce options. A1 is not like French’s. French’s delivers a zing, while A1 has more of a smooth punch-a sauce that keeps the A1 man coming back for more!

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Tabasco Sauce is for real men. Tabasco Sauce can melt a man’s heart in the dead of winter. The US brand is on fire thanks to the Tabasco pepper. Are you man enough to take it? Tabasco Sauce adds a flame to the tongue, and let’s face it, men love hot things.

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Hellman’s Mayonnaise should be in every man’s refrigerator.  Hellman’s Mayonnaise offers unlimited uses. Tuna fish sandwiches and subs, for example, would not taste the same without good mayonnaise. Hellman’s does not taste cheap like Duke’s or vinegary like dressing. You can forget about a mayonnaise made of cheap vinegar. Men usually can’t live without it. This creamy condiment might as well be renamed “man-o-naise“.

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Heinz Ketchup is all he knows. Picture a growing boy putting ketchup on every dish possible; a growing young man does the same. Some things just never change. Heinz Ketchup is not too salty, and it’s not too bland. It’s good on hotdogs, hamburgers, and fries. Heinz Ketchup has been America’s favorite ketchup condiment since the ketchup revolution of 1876 (not a real event). Ketchup is one of the condiments a man needs to continue tradition, but some men don’t need ketchup as much as they need mustard…


Horseradish and barbecue sauce cannot compare to mustard. Barbecue can be braised, baked, smoked over wood or charcoal, and so on, depending on which technique fits the taste buds, but all in all, barbecue is not the condiment every man needs. Horseradish activates taste bud wars for some—not for everyone. But there is something special about mustard. Some dishes include a mustard ingredient without taster’s knowledge. Deviled eggs or potato salads are good examples. Our top mustard pick?  French’s.