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Females have this inherent obsession with dragging men to boring art and history museums, and guys usually just put up with it. To prevent this, you may one day need to suggest some more interesting alternatives that don’t feature nauseating stories about local historic quilters, the guy who yelled fire when the orphanage burned down and people who just don’t matter. There are much cooler museums throughout the world, and here’s just a small list of them.

Museum of Death

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Humans are so infatuated with death, whether we like it or not. Might as well make an outing out of it. Los Angeles is the home of a morbid assortment of death and murder memorabilia, such as funeral home business cards, serial killer art, embalming tutorials and infamous automobile and industrial accidents. To spice things up, you can even show up dressed as your favorite serial killer or zombie. The Museum of Death: 6031 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 90028. (323) 466-8011.

Hobo Museum

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Have you ever dreamt of leaving it all behind and jumping into a boxcar? No? Hobo history and lifestyle is still a fascinating topic. This Iowa museum is in the town of Britt, the site of the annual National Hobo Convention. You’ll learn about famous hobos as well as everything you need to know about becoming one. Visit this cool museum in downtown Britt. Ask around and you’ll be sure to find it.

Spam Museum

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You won’t find emails about growing your penis bigger in this cool Minnesota museum. Nope. This roadside attraction features Spam in the old sense of the word. Learn about the origins of this salted pork product in a can through movies, shows, interactive games and old Spam commercials. Admission is free, but be ready to buy Spam T-shirts, spatulas and other things you don’t need. Spam Museum: 1937 Spam Boulevard, Austin, MN, 55912. (507) 437-5100.

Museum of Sex

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As a guy, you just might enjoy looking at naked women and learning all about the obscure aspects of sexuality. Have you ever witnessed robot sex? It’s there. Discover the craziest sex toys and sex cartoons. There is even a floor dedicated to animal sexuality. Museum of Sex: 233 5th Avenue, New York, NY, 10016.

Hamburger Museum

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Hamburgers are quite fascinating. Really! Vintage hamburger action figures can be quite a stimulating subject in the Americana genre. You’ll see all those plus oodles of hamburger-related collectibles, including a cheeseburger water bed, at Hamburger Harry’s house in Daytona Beach, Florida. The museum still exists as of this writing, but good luck finding it. You may be able to visit the museum’s website at and use the contact form or ask around for its whereabouts in Daytona.