With the news of Kevin Durant’s departure, Thunder fans are currently in a state of despair. Durant was the face of the franchise for nine seasons, a seven-time NBA All-Star and the league MVP in 2014, and now he’s gone in a flash.

But keep your chin up, Oklahoma City. You might not have the services of a 6’11” scoring machine anymore, but there are reasons for hope. Here are five cool things you still have.

1. Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark
The Thunder are the most well-known team in the area, but don’t sleep on the Oklahoma City Dodgers, the triple-A affiliate to the LA Dodgers since 2015! If you show up to Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark (capacity: 13,000), you will see many pros come through OKC before making their mark in the big leagues. Sort of how Durant came through OKC before (probably) making his mark as an NBA champion in Oakland…


2. Museum of Osteology
Like skeletons? Then you’ll love OKC’s Museum of Osteology, which has over 5,000 skeletons of various species. This will be a good place to hang out if the Thunder aren’t too good next season.

3. Many McDonald’s 
There are 37 McDonald’s locations in Oklahoma City. Which has got to be the most Mickey D’s per capita of any American city. On the other hand, there are only two Chipotles in OKC. Which could be the reason KD left. There are 15 in the Bay Area.


4. Frontier City
Frontier City is an awesome amusement park. And there are almost never any mishaps there. Although, full disclosure: Just last week, eight people (seven children, one adult) were stranded nearly 100 feet above ground when the power shut off on the popular Silver Bullet roller coaster (pictured). On the bright side: They were up there for an hour, so they must’ve really gotten a great view of the city!

5. Russell Westbrook
Westbrook is now the sole face of the franchise. Don’t be surprised to see him have an MVP-caliber season next year for the Thunder–and then leave and sign with Golden State next offseason.