Possessing an umbrella is usually reserved for only the classiest members of society. They look to protect their pristine hair and expensive Armani suits from the rain with this sophisticated appendage, and on television you usually only see the likes of Don Draper and Roger Sterling using one.

But, to be honest, they’re pretty boring, aren’t they? So to spice up the trade, here are five cool umbrellas that will leave you dry this Spring. Go out and buy them.


Dualbrella. For the romantically inclined it’s always quite hard to walk around with your partner whilst the rain plummets down to the ground. In fact, it can turn into quite a battle between you and your girlfriend as you jockey for position under your umbrella. The Dualbrella erases all of these doubts by giving you plenty of room to avoid the rain.


Screw The Rain. Sometimes the rain is so annoying that you just want to look up to the sky, raise up your hand, and simply flip your middle finger at it. It’s quite cathartic.


Umbrella WiFi. The smoothness of an umbrella’s surface is basically like a projector screen. So two Japanese designers decided to take the ingenious step of including a mobile PC and a projector to show the internet under the canopy. It might be a tad dangerous though.


Brass Knuckles. Of course, it can be quite dangerous carrying an umbrella, and sometimes you can accidentally smash someone in the hand with your apparatus. This might then result in a little but of fisticuffs, so the designer of this umbrella decided to add a pair of brass knuckles to the handle so that you can destroy anyone who tries to attack you.


Rain Powered Umbrella. As raindrops fall down onto this truly remarkable contraption, it turns drops of rain into light by converting the kinetic energy of the water into electricity. This then powers little LEDs on top of the canopy that project light off the umbrella, which makes it look rather stylish.