Sex can be fun, complicated, intimate, intense, downright confusing and, more often than not, hilarious. Not every romp in the sheets is going to be a dream come true, so just remember to not sweat the small stuff. Here are some moments during sex you might be embarrassed about, but she’s not thinking twice about.

1. You laugh or snort or make some sort of unanticipated noise.
Sex can be awkward and that makes it funny. Maybe you hit your head on something mid-thrust, or you let out an unexpected noise in the heat of the moment, or you dress up as a handyman for some role play but can’t take yourself seriously. Whatever it may be, we’ve all been there.

2. You try to dirty talk but say something stupid.
Dirty talk can be hot, but it can also be tricky. You may think something sounds good in your head but when you actually verbalize it, you have immediate regrets. It’s all about trial and error. Some women love raunchy dirty talk while others like more mild banter. Some hate it all. If you say the wrong thing, just go back to what you were doing or quickly change up the position to take her mind off it.

3. Someone cries.
Men, don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about. You know damn well that sex can be a beautiful thing, and when you’re really into your partner, the intense passion (and subsequent orgasm) can sometimes be too much to handle. Pleasure and love are inextricably linked, so let it out.

4. You try a complicated sex position despite the fact that neither of your bodies bend that way.
There are tons of articles out there that encourage you to try the most insane sex positions. You decide to give one or more a go because you never know what you like until you try it. Well, sometimes this can end in disaster. Be open to explore, and be OK with it when some positions inevitably fail.

5. She queefs.
Before you say, “Ew,” let me first say that it’s totally normal for it to happen to your girl. Queefing occurs when you put your penis (or another object) into her hoo-ha and the trapped air is squeezed out. So the next time it happens, remember to take the mature route or she may not hook up with you again. Of course, if she laughs, you don’t have to hold back.

Photo: iStock/gpointstudio