To improve posture and increase your productivity all while staying alert throughout the day, try these five desk exercises. Working at a desk over the course of a day can turn a vital man into someone too hunched over and tired to do anything once they get home at night. A little stretching throughout the day will help you out, along with a few more strenuous exercises to incorporate if you don’t have time to make it to the gym.


Stretch your arms over your head. This will relieve tension in your shoulders. It’s also a good way to stay loose without having to stop reading emails or listening in on a conference call.


Pull your knee toward your chest while seated. Doing so will stretch your thighs out during periods while your are too busy to get up and walk around. It will also help with circulation in your legs.


Do push-ups. Use your desk as a base for your push-ups. This is important if you don’t want to get on the ground and make yourself look unprofessional. It is also slightly easier than a regular push-up, giving you exercise without getting too sweaty.

standing kicks.jpg

Stand up and do cardio. Simply walking in place can loosen you up, or you can even do some jumping jacks if you want a more aerobic exercise. Make sure it’s okay with your boss, however, before you start making your workout too obvious.


Do crunches on an abdominal ball. This works great, since an abdominal ball can easily be brought to work with you. Even if you don’t want to do crunches, you can just sit on the ball while at your desk to help with your posture.