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Men often pride themselves on being low-maintenance beings. This can mean they don’t bother with fru-fru body washes, hair gels, and other such products meant to beautify the body. That’s fine and dandy, but there’s also a fine line between being low maintenance and being an all-out slob. Five everyday products men should use help fill in that gap, keeping your maintenance low and your fresh, clean attractiveness high.


Non-disgusting toothpaste. Toothpaste is definitely on the daily list of products men should use, and hopefully it’s on there twice. Any paste that has cartoons on the tube or tastes like bubble gum falls into the disgusting category, as do tubes of paste that are bent at strange angles or so caked at the top they will no longer close. The most disgusting paste by far, however, is anything in a deep, dark red gel that makes it appear the guy is spitting out bloody chunks of his mouth when he goes to rinse. Keep it simple, keep it fresh, and most of all keep it effective!

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Lip balm. No, we’re not talking about goopy pink gloss–even if you’re a fan of your bubble gum-flavored toothpaste. We’re also not talking about tinted or medicinal balm that makes you look like you just lost a fight with a popsicle or make you reek like a medicine cabinet. We’re talking a clear, sheer and moisturizing lip balm so your lips are not akin to kissing a piece of peeling sandpaper. Chapped, cracked lips aren’t inviting for kissing, and you don’t want to be kissed, don’t you?

man face wash

Face wash. Sorry, fellas, but using that harsh deodorant soap on your face is going to leave your facial skin as ruddy and peeling as your lips without a proper balm. Face wash for men now comes in manly versions so you don’t have to feel like one of those short-lived metrosexuals, either. Go for a solid name from a manly brand you trust and be amazed at how much more eager your gal will be to caress your face.

man moisturizer

Moisturizer. Guys typically spend plenty of time boldly blazing their body against the elements, which means they can pay for it dearly with dry and calloused skin. A few calluses can actually be cool, just to prove you do something other than fold linen napkins all day. But dry skin is generally not attractive. Invest in a non-greasy, non-scented lotion that stops flaking, dryness and itching. If anyone starts to make fun of you, just say you to moisturize daily to best preserve your tattoos.

man deodorant

Non-disgusting deodorant. Just like the non-disgusting toothpaste, your choice of deodorant should not cake in strange areas. Also, refrain from choosing a type that turns into a white, frothy paste every time you sweat. Go for something that has a bit of kick in the form of a manly scent, which can double as hiding any stench. And don’t wear pastels if you’re planning on public speaking. No matter how much deodorant you slake on, your sweat will still leave pit stains while you’re at the podium. Then again, pastels in general are tough to pull off, frothy deoderant or not!