What better way to celebrate Tax Day Week than with a little schadenfreude while examining how a few big shots screwed up their 1040s and W2s? Let’s take a look at 5 of the more interesting finds from Yahoo’s celeb tax list:

5. Richard Hatch – Remember Richard, the big gay naked winner of the million bucks from the first season of Survivor? Apparently back in 2000 he didn’t think anyone in the US government would take note of his newfound fame, so he gave them a miss and didn’t claim his $1 Million cash prize as earnings. That crafty bastard!

4. Gordon Ramsay – You may have seen this loud obnoxious chef with the poofy hair and annoying accent on his Fox cooking reality shows. In his native Britain he was fined 450 pounds in 2006 for getting his filings in late. With the current dollar to pound exchange rate, that’s almost 100 billion American dollars, I think…

3. Marc Anthony – The ancient Roman military general, known more recently for banging Jennifer Lopez and making crappy songs, didn’t file any taxes from 2000 – 2004. Good thing too, because he made over $15.5 million during those years. It all caught up to him though and he was forced to pay $2.5 million in back taxes.

2. Willie Nelson
– The famous country music singer is probably one of the biggest tax dodgers of all time. Nelson was ordered to pay $16.7 million in back taxes in 1990. To pay off his debts he went back on tour and was forced to record some more albums he really didn’t want to do. In his defense, he was probably too high to think most of the time, let alone remember to record his adjusted net income.

1. Joe Francis – You may like his Girls Gone Wild videos, but this sleazy douche made over $20 million in phony deductions for his soft-core porn ring. According to the IRS, he also used a few offshore accounts to hide many of his earnings. Joe, really, did you think they would buy the 50 grand spent on trucker hats and KY jelly as a legitimate business expense? Tools of the trade, I guess.

Yahoo!: Top Ten Tax Troubled Celebs , April 15, 2008