Are you ready for five football drinking games that will help you get ready for kickoff? You know you are! Football season is one of the most anticipated times of the year for most men-more so than any vacation or holiday. And there’s no better way to get it started off right than to incorporate some fun drinking games to help build the momentum with you and your friends before kickoff!


Drink every time… With this football drinking game, you and your friends set your own rules about when you drink. While you’re getting ready for kickoff, put on the pre-game show and decide when everyone has to take a drink. It could be as frequent as the mention of a player’s name or as infrequent as the host scratching his nose! Have fun with it, and use different amounts. For example, if the host chuckles, everyone has to chug their drinks!

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Prediction drinking game. The prediction football drinking game will really get everyone ready for kickoff! With this drinking game, everyone guesses what’s coming next in the pre-game show, such as a replay or a discussion about a player’s injuries. Whoever gets it right doesn’t have to drink. Everyone who gets it wrong has to drink! Odds are, you’ll all be wrong most of the time, which leads to more drinking!


Commercial drinking game. This drinking game will help get you ready for kickoff because it makes the commercials during the pre-game show a lot more interesting. You can set your own rules as a group, or you can dictate the rules to your friends. You might take one drink for every beer commercial, two drinks for men’s health ads, and three drinks for football-themed commercials. Everyone will be good and tipsy before kickoff!


Finisher drinking game. While everyone is enjoying the pre-show, they might just forget how much they’ve drank. For this drinking game, everyone has to finish everything in their cup at the end of the pre-game show! This game adds the most fun if you don’t tell anyone the rules until it’s time to drink!


Kickoff drinking game. This drinking game is simple, and it’s the last one you can play before the game really starts, so make it count! For this game, everyone starts drinking at the official start of the game. The last one to put down their cup wins! It’s that simple. And it will really get everyone pumped for the game.