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If you are planning a night of amorous behavior in the bedroom, you might want to think about football. In addition to helping you last quite a bit longer, there are a number of football euphemisms that often apply to bedroom play. Here are five football moves that you can use in the bedroom


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Shake and bake. The shake-and-bake move on the football field is designed to help the receiver get away from the defensive coverage. It usually consists of a shoulder shimmy that will confuse the defensive back and then when the receiver senses a slight hesitation, he steams upfield at full speed for a deep pass. In the bedroom, you may be involved in a little bit of kissing and hugging, but with the shake and bake, you reach for her face and then quickly move your hand under the back of her shirt to unclasp her bra. She thinks you are going for the tender face rub, but you are getting a bit more serious. If she grabs your hand, your move has been intercepted and the play is over.

Stiff Arm. The stiff arm move can be used to help you get what you want in the bedroom, but if your partner is using that move it may indicate that the game is over. Say you are kissing in the bedroom and the action is starting to get hot and heavy. One deftly placed stiff arm will give you access to her delightful backside. However, it she gives you the stiff arm, she is either saying stop or slow down in your pursuit.

Pancake. When you pancake your opponent on the football field, you block him so effectively that he is flat on his back. When you are engaged in bedroom play, if you can pancake her, you have her flat on her back and in a very inviting position. This is a very advantageous position to enjoy, but you want to avoid the steamroller aspect of the pancake block and do it slowly and smoothly.

Swim Move. The swim move can be very effective in handling the double-team block. It can also be effective in the bedroom, especially if you are working with more than one partner. If you are working with two young ladies, use the swim move to quickly change your position. You can go from front to back, top to bottom or reverse either of those positions with the swim move. Just put your left arm on the back of one lady’s shoulder and your right arm on the back of the other lady’s shoulder and “swim” your way through to change postions.

Spin Move. The spin move is one of the most effective moves in football or during bedroom play. A defensive end will use the spin move to get away from the offensive lineman and sack the quarterback. In sex, the spin move often works best with a partner who is of smaller stature. As you are lying down on the bed, your partner positions herself on top of your manhood and you spin her around for a wonderful sensation.