From my perspective, it is always fun to surround yourself with people who have different drinking tastes—some prefer their dark beers while others prefer dirty martinis. And then there is me. I prefer to say cheers to another day on earth with a tall and bubbly glass of champagne or Prosecco.

But this is where things begin to get tricky. Every now and then when I’m out with friends and order my signature drink, the number of stares, groans and questionable faces are unfathomable. Why on earth would this guy be drinking champagne? All too many people consider it feminine.

Why do we consider certain drinks “girly” drinks? It’s 2018. Drink whatever your heart desires. Even if it’s one of these “girly” libations because, well, they’re damn delicious.

1. Strawberry Daiquiri: Roses are red and so is this drink. Maybe the fuss has to do with the strawberry décor on the rim of the glass. Whatever your nonsense reason for thinking this drink can’t be enjoyed by males and females alike, check yourself.

2. Mojito: One of my personal summer picks, this drink sends my mind to a tropical paradise with sun, waves and beaches galore. It’s refreshing with a pinch of zest, and you really shouldn’t resist it.

3. Sangria: Sangria is the drink of brunch (well, besides the classic mimosa). Fruity, juicy and filled with alcohol? Who wouldn’t want to wake up on a Saturday to that?

4. Cosmopolitan: Now, this is sure to get a debate rolling—pink, strong and the symbol of Sex and the City. It has become a cult phenomenon but, trust me, this drink is by no means “sissy.” Take a sip. I dare you. And get back to me in the morning.

5. Champagne: Ah, yes, my all time favorite. Champagne is simple, classic and is on call for any celebration, big or small. Like this one: You finished reading this article. Go raise a glass of the bubbly.

Photo: iStock/pixelfit