It’s important to let everyone who isn’t involved in your social sports league know how much fun they’re missing. Let them live vicariously through your photos, videos, and statuses. If they end up “liking” enough, maybe they’ll join you on the field next season. Show off your fun and success with these apps!

1. Vine
Whether it’s capturing a teammate connect with the ball, then the ball soaring over the fence, or a song coming on in a bar, and everyone beginning to line dance, Vine is perfect for shorty, punchy videos. Touch the screen to record, and do it as many times as you can until your time is up. Label, paste to feed, make another!

2. Instagram
Taking photos of the pre-game, game, and post-game can all be done with this app. Not the best photo? It’s simple to brighten it up by using one of Instagram’s filters. Just be sure not to crop anyone out! Well, not anyone cool, anyway.

The pros (and ex-pros) do it, why not you?

3. Instacollage
Can’t decide which pics to post to Instagram? Make a collage out of several using this app. You have the option to edit each one, add words and put a frame around all the snapshots. Just don’t put too many—you want to be able to identify the subjects in your photos.

4. Twitter
Link it to the apps above, or just share trash talk and witty comments from the night with friends and followers. Don’t forget to hashtag #HowMuchFunYou’reHaving #TheBeerYourDrinking #TheGamesYou’rePlaying, #TheDanceEveryone’sDoing… you get the idea.

5. Facebook
The old standby. Simply update that status with the winning score. Your “friends” need to know that you crushed your opponent. And be sure to tag all your teammates, too, so their friends are aware as well. Up to you if you’d like to tag/open gloat in the faces of your opponents as well…