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Talk about the coolest scenario ever. Korn was on the search for a new bass bassist after Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu had to bail on some tour dates, and after looking pretty much everywhere, they reportedly decided to hire the son of Robert Trujillo, the bassist from Metallica. This whole situation isn’t that big of a deal until you realize their new bassist is just 12 years old!

That’s right, Tye Trujillo will join Korn in South America for dates in Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru. In a statement on Facebook, the band said, “We are bummed Fieldy can’t join us on this run but excited to do a few gigs with a young player like Tye.” 

He didn’t just get hired because of his sweet connections, either. The youngster actually has some skill! Here are some things you should know him.

5. Like we said already, Tye’s dad plays bass for Metallica. Freakin’ Metallica. It’s no surprise that he inherited some talent, and we’re sure he’s had the best hands-on experience a player could ever dream of. You can see his chops in the videos he has posted on YouTube.

4. Tye’s already in his own band. He’s a part of a rocking crew with other kid members, who created the band when most of them were only 8 years old. The band is called The Helmets. The 12-year-old’s famous dad has played live with the band before, too.

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3. Tye’s still very much a kid. So don’t worry about him growing up too fast in the spotlight. If you check out his Instagram page you’ll see he still goes on fun trips with friends, takes random, funny pictures of his pets, and enjoys stops at McDonald’s. Just because he hangs out with super famous band members and musicians doesn’t mean he isn’t enjoying his younger years. Good job, Dad.

2. Like every other California born and raised child out there, Tye’s highly into skating and surfing. His band actually got its name from the members’ love of skating. They’d reportedly get their skate on and would come to band practice with their helmets still on.

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1. He obviously has great taste in music. Tye’s constantly posting about bands like ACDC or singers like Bob Marley on his social media pages. He even gave a birthday shoutout to Metallica’s legendary original bassist, Cliff Burton. We’re sure a lot of these pros are his role models. Who can’t appreciate that?

Photos: Instagram