Let’s see, you’ve got apps that tell you who’s winning the game, where to get your favorite Scotch and what time the train’s coming. So why don’t you have any to help you get the girls? Living in the 21st Century will never seem quite so awesome as when you’re using your tablet or smartphone to line up a little action. Turn it into the ultimate wingman with these killer apps.

1. Gate Guru
More and more people are finding airports to be the perfect place for a single-serving romance, and Gate Guru is your wingman when you fly (no pun intended). The next time you have a long layover (again, no pun intended), GG will tell you where to hang out in the airports to meet ladies, as well as where to take them on a more romantic date once you’ve met them. If you’re a busy guy who does a lot of traveling, you have to ask yourself why you aren’t already using this.  Stop wasting your layover time reading US Weekly and, you know, working. Use it to get friendly with the lovely ladies who are also reading Us Weekly and looking to kill some time. Free, gateguruapp.com

Meet Moi is an instant intro to the lovelies in your area. While you might not like the idea of your phone tracking you, you’ll love it when that pretty young thing bounces up to you with a smile. 

2. Meet Moi
Picture this: you’re out and about when your mobile vibrates in your back pocket. You pull it out, expecting some annoying push notification about who won the Guam caucuses or a text from your mother. Nope. What you just got is a notification that a girl who also has the app—and with whom you presumably have something in common—is in the vicinity. Not only do you get the alert, you’ve also got the perfect icebreaker. You can be straight with it or you can make the whole thing into a big joke. No matter what your style is, Meet Moi is an instant intro to the lovelies in your area. While you might not like the idea of your phone tracking you, you’ll love it when that pretty young thing bounces up to you with a smile. Free to sign up, $19.99 and up for premium services, meetmoi.com

3. Date Escape
It’s not always about meeting the right girl or getting the date to go perfectly. Sometimes it’s about cutting your losses and getting the hell out of Dodge. Date Escape will help you. Unlike your worthless friends, Date Escape won’t withhold a rescue ring for the sake of watching you squirm. No matter how awful and awkward a date has become, Date Escape is going to help you turn it around by calling or texting you a way out. Then you can use one of the other apps to find a new, hopefully better, date for the night. 99 cents, iTunes

4. Your Favorite Dating Site
If you’re a single man who hasn’t discovered online dating, you need to get with the program. Whether you’re looking for a meat market (OKCupid) or want to wife up (eHarmony), it’s time to get some kind of online dating presence. And, of course, you also need an app to match. Pick a site, set up a profile and never go anywhere without your app. At the very least, it will give you something to do after pulling a Date Escape. Free, okcupid.com; Free for app, $120 and up for premium services, eHarmony.com

5. Art of Charm
Shameless plug alert: The Art of Charm app has all you need for a great night out. Not only do you have easy access to podcasts on everything from body language to approaching women to online dating, but you get videos, blogs and the best pocket wingman out there. You know all those questions you need answered? Where to bring a girl on a date? How to chat her up? How to text for success? We’ve got you covered, dude. There’re also a number of missions revolving around things like eye contact and making the first move that will have you becoming a better man in the boardroom as well as the bedroom. Combined with the options above, your game will be, as the Spanish say, en fuego. Free, theartofcharm.com

Jordan Harbinger
 is a Wall Street lawyer turned Social Dynamics expert and coach. He is the owner and co-founder of The Art of Charm, a dating and relationships coaching company. If you dig this article and want to learn more, visit theartofcharm.com.  You can also interact with Jordan on Facebook.