Camping is about as manly an activity as you can get, but that doesn’t mean you have to get barbaric about it. You can instead be the envy of your friends by bringing some gear that ensures you’ll be camping in style. Sure, you’ll take the tent, the sleeping bag and the boots made for hiking, but you can also take an array of items no camping man needs, but everyone wants. Roughing it in the great outdoors just got greater if you haul along any of these, some of which can also do double duty to attract the babes.

clamping stool

Camping Clamping Stool. Although your manly butt is as rough and rugged as you are, there is absolutely no reason to subject it to wet grass, sludgy mud and rocks. You can instead be sitting pretty with the camping clamping stool, a lightweight, must-have camping gizmo that folds up and clamps to whatever you’re carrying. You can even attach more than one stool to a single clamping frame, giving you and your gal the perfect seat to cuddle out of the puddles.

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Tent Speaker. The symphony of crickets might be nice for a spell, but they all start to sound the same. Spruce up your camping trip with a tent speaker that runs on batteries and attaches to your MP3 player for a variety of music that goes far beyond nature’s chirping. Nothing beats blasting Hendrix in the forest-unless, of course, it’s moaning with Zeppelin on a mountaintop.

solar shower

Solar Shower. You don’t have to find a warm-water geyser to enjoy a hot shower during your camping trip. You just have to get one of these little pouches that heats up water with power from the sun. You won’t get the hour-long shower guys are notorious for, but you won’t get all shriveled from frigid water, either.

camping espresso machine

Camping Espresso Maker. Kiss instant coffee goodbye and say good morning to a freshly brewed cup of espresso. This dandy little coffee maker sits atop your backpacking stove—you do already have one of those, right?—and presses out a sweet shot of espresso. If anyone calls you on it for being unmanly, just point out it’s not like you have a cappuccino machine, for goodness sake. One caveat: it will melt if you don’t keep it on low for a brief amount of time.

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Camping Wine Glass Holder. Once you’re done with your shots of espresso, you can show equal class while guzzling your wine. These handy plastic wine glass holders work by pressing the bottom of the holder’s stem into the ground and placing your wine glass in the opened loop at the top of the holder. Definitely a camping gizmo that will impress the ladies, which is the only reason you’d be drinking wine instead of beer while camping anyway.