If you are a playboy, or planning on becoming one, then you should know these five lessons from movie playboys that every man should follow. This article covers lessons that you may find useful to to get you ahead of the game. Use these tips to make yourself into a more successful player, or at least one that will stay out of trouble!


Quit while you are ahead. As evidenced in the movie “Fatal Attraction”, if you have a hot wife like Anne Archer ready and willing any time of the day, then you should not go for a scary fling with someone like Glenn Close. Every man in America and every potential playboy, either in real life or on screen, should learn from this.

perfect feet.jpg

Do not let fetishes control you. As seen with playboy Eddie Murphy in the movie “Boomerang”, his obsession with the perfect feet destroyed most of his relationships. Learn that nobody has perfect body parts, and if you are just too concerned about the size of her feet, boobs, hips, or anything for that matter, then you should put yourself in check.

shallow hal.jpg

Be sensitive. Shallow Hal (a.k.a Jack Black) used this lesson in understanding women. Of course, he was kind of forced into it by way of black magic. But in the absence of a voodoo master to help us, we can use this lesson to give us an edge over other boys. Look at the inner beauty of all women.


Be careful. Nobody shows the value of this lesson better than the king of all playboys, Don Juan di Marco, or Casanova, as played by both Johnny Depp and the late Heath Ledger respectively.  You have to be careful when playing the ladies man, or you can get your upper (and lower) head cut off.

old dogs.jpg

You are never too old. Just because you are an old dog like John Travolta or Robin Williams does not mean that you can try to play the field when you want to, nor should you stop trying. All men have this power; Picasso had affairs in his 70s!