Have you ever heard of the word “fishing”? When a woman is fishing, she’s in essence throwing out questions trying to see how you respond. She’s testing you. She wants to see if you guys are on the same paragraph of the same page of the same book. Know this now, the questions she throws are loaded, meaning no matter what you say, you’d better be ready to explain yourself.

“Do I look fat?” Fishing at its finest. She’s asking you because she thinks she does. Don’t be an idiot and tell her she looks fat. Don’t make any stupid excuses for her if she does happen to look fat. Women don’t enjoy being patronized. The best way to handle this loaded question is very, very, carefully. Tell her you don’t think she’s fat. If she keeps pressing, tell her “you’re even more stunning than the day I met you”. If she continues, tell her if she’s not comfortable with how she looks (because you definitely are), maybe she could go to the gym with you. Turn her insecurity into a chance to get the both of you healthy. Lemons to lemonade friends.

“How’s my cooking?” This question is as loaded as they come. the way you answer this depends on your lady. If she’s one of those chicks that loves to be in the kitchen, but her food sucks, tell her you love it. Then simply offer her tips to improve the cooking. Don’t say you don’t like it, just say “hey, I saw an article online that suggested you add more basil and less garlic to the dish”. You never, ever want to hurt her feelings. Now, if she can’t cook and doesn’t like to cook, tell her the truth. If it isn’t great tell her. Then promptly take her out, or hey, flex your kitchen muscles. Best case scenario, your lady is a great cook, sit back and enjoy her food. Don’t forget to praise it.

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“Do you think she’s pretty?” Start with an example of an easier loaded inquiry to answer. The fact she’s asking you means that SHE thinks the young lady in question is attractive. In some sort of weird female competition, your girlfriend just wants to make sure you think she’s more beautiful than any arbitrary chick on the street. Your best bet with this question is just to be honest. If you think the girl is pretty, say it. You know why? She’ll know if you’re lying. Tell your lady the girl is hot, but don’t forget to add something like “but no where near as beautiful as you”.

“Do you like my family?” Even if you don’t like her family, you’d better tell her you do. Simple as that. Most women value their families. Because of this, they want to make sure the guy they date can be integrated into the family. If you care about her, you’re going to have to deal with her family. So, grin and bear it. Yes, you like her family. Your best bet is to play it cool and hope that she notices the jerks she has in her gene pool.

“Do you ever think about your ex?” No. Hell no. This loaded question is pretty much common sense. She wants to feel like she’s the greatest you have ever had. Make sure she does. Bringing up an ex is just plain stupid. If your lady brings up the ex, it’s imperative that you douse that fire before it even starts. All of your exes pale in comparison to the beautiful woman you have the grand fortune of being with now. You should feel this way anyway, but just in case you don’t, lie.