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Men seem to have a distinct advantage over women when it comes to aging. A man with grey hair, when properly styled, can look distinguished, especially if that guy was awesome before he got a touch of grey. Just because you’ve started losing some hair pigment doesn’t mean you have to lose your looks or you awesome attitude and swagger. The six men on this list may have grey hair, but trust us, they are all still awesome!



George Clooney. George Clooney is so cool that he will remain awesome in the afterlife, long after his skin has been chewed off by worms. He’s that cool. It’s his combination of attitude, swagger, style, and affable like-ability that make him so endearing. He got some grey hair early on, but rather than vainly try to cover it up, he’s embraced his new follicles and his career hasn’t missed a beat. If anything, it’s going stronger than ever, and his grey may have something to do with it!


Patrick Dempsey. Paging Dr. McDreamy! Dempsey is a fine actor but not by script alone. Mini-buff comes equipped these days in a grey hair coif, and he hasn’t lost a bit of awesomeness. He’s looking mighty fine. Dempsey never seems to lose that on-screen hunk appeal-even when he’s off-screen. That luxurious mane of his looks fine, even awesome, with grey running through it.


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Eric Roberts. The one-time punchline (see “South Park”) has undergone a career renaissance of late, landing choice roles in the “Dark Knight” movies as well as popping up in other flicks like “The Expendables.” Sure, he was awesome in “Best of the Best,” but after that, he didn’t do much beyond some B movies. But with his newly-found grey hair, he’s recaptured the awesomeness and is back on the radar. Best of all, he looks good doing it!

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Richard Gere. Richard Gere never seems to have much fear onscreen. He tackles roles with zeal, and that hasn’t changed even with the added presence of grey hair. In fact, when you look back, he seemed like he was always destined for that “distinguished gentleman” look, even back in the “Officer and a Gentleman” days. It’s not so much that he went grey, it’s that he finally became what he was always meant to be.


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Ben Affleck. He’s not a young man anymore. The heady days of “Good Will Hunting” are long gone, and the one-time youthful hunk is getting a little grey these days. This is actually a good thing for Ben, since he’s beginning to transform into a director. He’ll need the extra air of authority that grey hair provides, because he certainly didn’t command it as an actor. But still, he’s a damn good looking man, and his grey hair hasn’t hurt that a bit. Lucky bastard!