The five men’s lifestyle apps you should download today were all definitely made with men’s needs in mind. A lifestyle app can do a multitude of things for men; from helping you get dressed to keeping you in shape, you can’t go wrong with these five apps. You can download any of these apps from iTunes.



How to Cook Everything: Nothing says hot and sexy to a lady than a man who knows how to cook. That means a men’s lifestyle app that teaches you how to cook thousands of recipes should be at the top of your list! Get the How to Cook Everything app today.



Trails: With help from the GPS in your phone and the Trails app, you will be in the best shape of your life! This app will not only keep you on the right path while hiking, but it will also keep track of your mileage. Have a goal to hike 10 miles this weekend. No problem!


man tieing tie.jpg

Tie-a-Tie Deluxe: Late for work? Have a big job interview? Taking your lady out on the town? Well then, you’re going to need to dress the part! And that includes knowing how to property put on your tie. This men’s lifestyle app will show each step so you can’t go wrong.



Cocktails Made Easy: Forget hiring an expensive bartender for your next party. With the Cocktails Made Easy app, you can be the perfect bartender! Learn how to make hundreds of cocktails with easy to follow instructions.



Men’s Health Workouts: So now you’re eating right, getting active, dressing well, and having fun. What’s left? Getting into shape, of course! The Men’s Health Workouts app will have you buff and brawny in no time. Get the moves, log your workouts, and time your rests between sets with this men’s lifestyle app!