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If you’re in a relationship long enough, you’re bound to have a few fights. For those of you who are new to the dating game this will be quite enlightening. Guess what? Relationships aren’t always roses and candy. Two people can love each other more than life itself but still have a difference in opinion on some things. It’s inevitable. No two people are exactly the same, therefore at some point conflict will arise. However, remembering that she is the one you love will keep your fights contained and preserve the relationship. Knowing what relationship fights you might encounter ahead of time can’t hurt either—here are a few you’ll almost certainly have.

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Household stuff. In a relationship, all things should be 50/50. In a perfect world, all things would be 50/50. In the real world though, sometimes things are 47/53. This includes household duties. Be honest here. The last thing anyone wants to do is come home after a hard days work and cook or clean. But it has to be done. The problem comes into play when one person is carrying the household load more than the other. It’s bound to happen at some point because of scheduling. Plan on promising to help out more with dirty toilets and dishes. Improving your early morning aim will help keep the toilet clean.

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Family issues. It always seems as if someone’s family is always doing some sort of event. Be it yours or hers, families always have something going on that you and your significant other are expected to attend. There will be at least a few fights concerning the attendance of said events. You both need to realize that sometimes, there just isn’t time. It’s just a matter of trying to attend as many of both family functions as you can. But, you can only do what you can do. Don’t kill yourself. Neither should she. You both need to be more respectful of each others time, and fights like these wouldn’t happen too often. Sometimes you just have to grin and deal with an annoying in-law or two.


Friend problems. You’re not going to like all of her friends. Period. Chances are, she’ll have issue with a few of yours as well. In order to keep the fighting on this topic to a minimum, you both are going to have to trust each other’s better judgment. If you don’t like your lady’s friend Stacy because she dresses like a street walker and always wants your girl to go out with her, just believe that your lady doesn’t get down like Stacy does. If your good friend Dave displays rather rakish qualities, then your lady needs to trust that you aren’t running the streets trying to nab some extra tail. The last thing either of you want to do is to make ultimatums. These never turn out well.


Annoying exes. Because each and every one of you reading this is a certified stud, you’ve all had the clingy ex issue, right? Well, this particular issue is one you just won’t be able to win. Maintaining a friendship with an ex is hard enough, but a clingy ex is damn near impossible. Your girlfriend isn’t going to like the situation if old Becky Sue starts showing her face around the house. Nor would you like it if Jim Bob starts sending your lady flowers every week. Fights over exes can be brutal, and inevitable if you don’t make it clear to said exes that they can’t be in your personal space any longer. This means the both of you. Stop with the late night texts filled with kissy face emoticons too.

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Money. It’s pretty self explanatory. In tough times, unneeded, seemingly frivolous expenditures will be scrutinized. “Why did you stick your whole paycheck in that strippers g-string, but the electricity bill isn’t paid?” Stuff like that. The only way to avoid this fight is to do without stuff you don’t need until you handle your business. But, this means she’d better not be showing up with new high priced purses and shoes as well.