Chris Tucker might be able to make almost anyone laugh but that doesn’t mean he can walk around town handing out bad checks that can’t be cashed! Unfortunately this has all caught up with the comedian and he is reportedly on the brink of bankruptcy. Tucker owed close to $12 million in income tax to the Internal Revenue Service and to pay off this debt he had to sell his $6 million Miami mansion. The poor lamb. But he’s not alone; here are five other bankrupt celebrities whose plight should bring a smile back to Tucker’s face.



Pamela Anderson. The buxom blonde has had several run-ins with the IRS. In 2010 it was reported that she owed $1.7million in unpaid taxes, and towards the end of last year it was revealed that she still owed more than $350,000 to the government too. It might be time to make another sex tape.


Lindsay Lohan. Despite having been paparazzi fodder for over a decade now, Lindsay Lohan apparently still couldn’t pay her rent towards the end of last year. However it’s not like she was just struggling to collect together a few pennies in order to have a roof over her head, her rent each month on her Beverly Hills mansion came to $8,000. Surely the easy solution is to just get a smaller place.


MC Hammer. In the early 1990’s Hammer had amassed a net worth of $33 million, but the rapper soon began to be a little too frivolous with his spending and ultimately ended up $13 million in debt. In April 1996 he filed for bankruptcy, due to his poor album sales and unpaid loans.


Mike Tyson. One of the greatest boxers to ever lay a right hook on an opponent has ultimately ruined his reputation due to committing a series of crimes and his poor fitness. Eventually in August 2003 Tyson’s financial struggles culminated to him becoming bankrupt, despite having accumulated over $300 million in his career.


Willie Nelson. In 1990 Nelson owed a $16.7 million debt to the IRS and faced bankruptcy. His way to get out of it was slightly ingenious. Nelson released a double-album titled, “The IRS Tapes: Who’ll Buy My Memories?” and all profits were sent directly to the IRS. By 1993 he was debt free. Genius.