Over the last few weeks we’ve been filling you in on some of our best grilling and barbecuing advice.

We’ve thrown some top barbecue joints out there we recommend you check out. We’ve busted some myths that we’ve all been wondering about. And we’ve featured some gear we think you should consider to up your game.

But what’s all that going to do for you if you don’t have savory sauces to spice up the meals you make? Here are five of our favorites.

Chile CrunchMove over Sriracha. Chile Crunch, a super versatile, texture-heavy blend of fresh roasted chiles, garlic, onion and spices, is about to become your new favorite go-to hot sauce. It’s fantastic on seared salmon, grilled chicken and even in tuna salad. (Pro tip: Add a spoonful to your mac and cheese.)

Bibigo Gochujang
Gochujang, a traditional Korean fermented red pepper paste, is as ubiquitous in Korea as ketchup is in the United States. It’s spicy and sweet, and has lots of deep, rich flavors that make it a perfectly balanced companion to grilled meats. You used to have to hit up the Asian market to find good Gochujang, but now you can find it in many traditional American grocery stores thanks to brands like Bibigo.

Night of the Living Barbecue Sauce
Joe’s Kansas City—formerly known as Oklahoma Joe’s—is one of the 13 places Anthony Bourdain says you need to try before you die. As a barbecue restaurant, Joe’s excels at smoked meats, but their sauce is the icing on the cake. Cowtown Night of the Living, Joe’s famous spicy sauce, is perfect for grilled chicken, ribs or burgers.

Brooklyn Delhi Tomato Achaar
Achaar, a super-flavorful Indian pickle, is traditionally served with rice, curry, lentils or yogurt. Now, thanks to Brooklyn Delhi, you can get it in sauce form, and it’s a fantastic accompaniment to all kinds of grilled meats. This 2016 Good Food Awards winner is made with tomatoes, tamarind, a mix of Indian spices, red chili powder, unrefined sugar and sesame oil. Try it next time you make a sandwich with leftover grilled chicken.

Original Juan’s Most Wanted Teri-YAH-ki Wing Sauce
If you like it hot—really hot—you should be familiar with Original Juan’s Pain Is Good line of sauces. Their heat levels are based on the Scoville scale, letting you know just how much you’re going to hurt when you eat them. For perfectly spicy wings, try the Most wanted Teri-YAH-ki Wing Sauce. This Asian-inspired sauce is medium-hot (which is still pretty damn hot) and packed full of sweet and savory flavors.