Mom told you to eat your veggies for a reason, but it was probably not the same reason you should continue to eat them as a grown man. Certain vegetables count as sexual health foods that you should already be eating, as do a number of other delectable dishes. You should be eating these things not only for their ability to heighten your sexual performance and appetite, but also for their ability to give your overall health a boost.


Alluring avocado. This sensual veggie tops the list of vegetables to choose for your sexual and overall health. Not only does it look somewhat sultry in a twisted, sex-always-on-the-brain kind of way, but it comes with high doses of the good fats and low doses of the bad. This intricate balance keeps your heart and arteries strong, ensuring your blood flows easily to the places where you need it most.


Sassy fruits. Packed with vitamins, fiber and antioxidants, fruit falls into line right behind veggies for their sexual and overall benefits. They typically taste better than vegetables, too. They are also a tad more erotic, especially if you go for the sweet supple varieties that include peaches, mangoes, papayas and strawberries.


Flirty fig. Figs can make you feisty enough to merit their own entry in the sexual health food lineup. They are the fruit version of the avocado as far as twisted sensual appearance goes. They are also incredibly rich in fiber, a must for a healthy heart and digestion.


Tantalizing tomato. Whether you argue a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable doesn’t matter. What does matter is it’s packed with lycopene, a kick-butt antioxidant said to enhance the libido and keep your prostrate healthy. The only proof you may need for the tomato’s amazing ability is its nickname of the “love apple.”


Sexy salmon, seafood. Fish and other seafood are a great catch for sexual health and overall wellness. Salmon, herring and other oily fish are particularly rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, providing the same fat benefits for your heart as the sexy avocado. Oysters are so common as an aphrodisiac that they’ve become cliché, although their high levels of zinc can really add to your sexual zing. Besides, catching your own seafood can really bring out the manly man in you.