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Shots of alcohol are usually associated with an evening of drinking, perhaps with the goal of getting good and drunk and being front and center. However, you don’t have to have the intentions of getting drunk in order to have a shot of booze. In many cases, you can have a shot before, during, or after your dinner with the idea that it will make your meal better and more enjoyable. Here are five shots its okay to drink at dinner.


VodkaVodka is normally associated with mixed drinks and that is often the best way to enjoy it. When it’s mixed with orange or cranberry juice, it has a sweet taste and subsequently it’s quite easy to keep pouring them down. So take it easy and have a shot of vodka at the start of your meal or between courses, chase it with a dark bread, and enjoy your meal. That combination will get your appetite rolling.



Rum. Rum can run the gamut from a heavy, powerful drink that will lead to a serious hangover to being a lighter drink when mixed with delicious fruit juices. Generally, the more expensive rums go down easier, while the less expensive rums are more powerful. However, if you’re having a savory type of meal that involves cheese, you may want to have a shot or two of sweet rum to go with it. That will help make the experience more enjoyable.


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Scotch. Single-malt Scotch whiskey is one of the most well-respected alcoholic shots available. A well-prepared shot of Scotch whiskey can make any experience better, and that includes a good meal. If you are about to enjoy a celebratory meal, start your night with one or two shots of Scotch whiskey to sharpen your appetite and take the edge off the day.


Brandy. After you come to the conclusion of your main course, you may be looking forward to dessert, should you have room for it. One of the best ways to enjoy your dessert is to have a snifter or shot of brandy to go along with it. Brandy has plenty of residual sugar and if you’re going to be indulging in a chocolate dessert or any kind of ice cream, you may find it even better when you have brandy to go with it.


Frangelico. If you’re skipping dessert and going straight to coffee, try Frangelico. You can take a shot of hazlenut-flavored Frangelico on the side or you can pour it directly in your coffee. Frangelico was first prepared by Franciscan monks so not only will it help you relax, it will help aid in the digestive process. And man, are those monks relaxed!