5 Signs You’re Not Having Enough Sex With Your Girlfriend

Not Enough Sex with your Girlfriend

Everyone loves sex. As a matter of fact, the want for sex is hardwired into a human’s very makeup. Sometimes, however, other things can get in the way of having all the sex you could want. You know, arbitrary stuff like going to work, making ends meet, or seeing the light of day every now and again can get in the way of having sex. In all seriousness, the pressures and responsibilities you all face make it very necessary to fit sex in when you have the time. But, make sure you do. You wouldn’t want your girlfriend to get antsy. Lack of sex can cloud your judgment, and make it generally difficult to concentrate on anything else. Here are five signs that you’re not having enough sex with your girlfriend.

Her toys. Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a woman using sex toys. If your girlfriend isn’t, then both of you need to step into the 21st century. There is a problem when she’s opting to use her toys more and more as a substitute for you not being there. Using that “baby I’m tired excuse” is weak. Man up and get in that bedroom, or on that couch, or in the back of the car and give her what she likes. Or, you may find her shiny vibrator resting it’s “head” on your pillow.

Your lack of concentration. They say men think about sex all of the time. This is true. But, guys don’t think about sex at the expense of everything else they have to do throughout the day. If you find yourself staring at a spreadsheet, and all of the zeros look like boobs, while the ones look like erect little soldiers, you need to get home and give your lady some sex. The only way to clear your head and get back to normal is to have sex, real sex. No amount of searching the web for porn will suffice.

Your masturbation habits. If you can’t carry out any major responsibility throughout the day without finding a place to masturbate, then you aren’t getting enough sex. Choking the monkey before work, during work, pre and post lunch won’t cut it forever. You need the real thing buddy. You need to be texting your lady throughout the day, getting her ready for the impending sexual encounter later that night. Why don’t you take a minute and message her right now?

Not Enough Sex with your Girlfriend Masturbation

Her masturbation habits. When it comes to the solo sex game, women have guys beat. There are a number of ways they can get off during a day without anyone even being aware. Now, if your lady is taking bigger and bigger risks to get off during the day, then you aren’t doing your job. There’s no reason she needs to bring her bright pink pocket rocket to the job. Do her a favor and meet her for lunch, where she’s the main course. Then again for dinner, where she’s dessert.

No power. If when you come home the batteries in all of your remotes are out, then there may be a shortage of sex going on in your house. Go and check her toys. If the batteries in all of her toys are dead as well, then you may need to put in a little overtime with your lady. Don’t even bother trying to rationalize anything. Get your girl, take her in the bedroom and use that equipment you’re always carrying around. What do you think it’s there for anyway?