I have the good fortune of running and developing both brick and mortar business and internet ventures on a daily basis. Despite the missteps, which are certainly going to happen, I have been able to successfully build a revenue generating entities on these 5 concepts

1. Sell something you love.
If you don’t love the product, you have no chance of doing your best work. If you open a running store and hate exercise, you’re in for a heap of trouble. It is much easier to sell something you truly believe in. A site is no different. If you are going to blog on something , you better enjoy that topic. This doesn’t mean that as time goes on you won’t add new products or adjust to consumer wants, it just means that if you are the visionary of the product, you better love and know that product.

2. Find a niche.
Is there something that you like and think others do will as well? How many other people are doing it? Can you sell it? I knew that young guys love humor, money, and girls. I sure know I do despite the fact I’m moving away from young pretty quickly. I knew what I then and it happens to be the same thing I love now. Even better is that this crowd spends a ton of time on the internet. Thus the funny money blog. Do the same thing. If you love it (number 1) and not very many others are doing it, then you have found a niche

3. Deliver differently
Get your product/content to market differently than anyone else. You’ll never get noticed if your storefront looks just like everyone else. At our nursery our signs and building started looking old. As we started to put up new signs and improve the building our customers told us that the reason they came there is BECAUSE it had character. They loved the hand painted signs and the old pole barn turned garden center. Instead of building new looking things we improved them and made them look old. We redid the counter in old copper and decorated it with decoupage of newspapers from the late 1800’s. We gave it even more character. You website and your business has to have it’s own character. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as people associate it with you.

4. If you make money it’s a business, if you don’t, it’s a hobby

You can’t pay bills with a hobby. Make sure you are organizing your time properly. Don’t spend 3 hours a day on something that makes no money unless you have plenty of it to start with. People have big dreams about becoming rich. Those are great dreams, but if your dreams aren’t panning out, wake up and start a new dream.

5. Adjust

The beauty of starting a project is the journey. Most businesses don’t end up where they started. As they enter a realm, other doors open. The fun of life are exploring those doors and deciding which ones to enter and which are best left closed. During your building process of a business or website you may find another 1 through 4. You may find something else you love or a niche that hasn’t been explored. It may something that you didn’t realize the opportunity or in the beginning didn’t have the skills, cash, or knowledge to monetize. Change and adaptability can move you in a new, exciting, profitable direction.

None of this supercedes the necessity for a good product, marketing, and financial training but it certainly will get add to your chance of success.