Everyone loves DVDs but everyone hates spending their money. Combining those two themes we thought we should give you 5 places where you can get your DVDs for cheap. Since we cannot legally condone crimes (and because Sweden has cramped our style), stealing DVDs from your friends or Wal-mart will not be on this list but I think we all know that is the cheapest route. Here are 5 alternatives to petty theft.

5. eBay
Yes, an extremely obvious choice but it is one of the best places to find extremely rare DVDs and to trick children and the elderly into selling you their collector’s items for cheap. Almost all of the movies are available at a discounted price and there is nothing more exhilarating than getting into a bidding war with a 14 year old for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Box Set because you need to watch "Secret of the Ooze" tonight!

4. DVD Empire
This site has a huge catalog and offers low prices on classic movies and discounts on new releases. With daily discount offered, it’s a site you are going to want to keep coming back to just in case Season 7 of "Murder She Wrote" (NSFW AT ALL) finally goes on sale. Also they are currently spotlighting Brendan Frasier’s vast career so you can score "Journey to the Center of the Earth" for a super low price. You are welcome America.

3. Deep Discount
They also offer great prices on older titles and all the newest releases but the highlight of this site is the DVDs for under $10. Granted, there is a fair amount of titles you would never want to admit to owning but with some priced as low as $6 it is (cheaper than a bag of smack, which is nice).

2. Amazon
Again not that much of a surprise to anyone, but they offer built-in discounts on almost everything they sell including pre-release sales, who does that? Amazon also has a special Gold Box special that gives a daily one day only discount on one item at a ridiculously low price. This will guarantee  you buy more things you don’t need than the time you went to the sex toy flea market.  Probably your best bet, though, is to get yourself a used DVD of middling condition and then copy it using a program like AnyDVD to make your own, fresh copy. 

1. Title Trader
Unlike the rest of the places on this list, Title Trader does not require you to buy anything. Similar to a book swap, all you have to do here is list your old DVDs you are willing to give up. Then when someone requests them you just send it to them. As you send them out you earn points that act as your money so that you too can start getting DVDs sent to you from mysterious locations. This will also test your trust in human kind as you blindly send your possessions out into the world in hopes you earn your own free movies some day. 

So while stealing may seem like the cheapest option right now, just remember there are other avenues for you to take that don’t end with the possibility of you becoming the star of your cellmate’s home movies.