Picking out a wallet has turned into a tumultuous ordeal for fashion minded men. Gone are the days when you used to be able to simply shove your money, cards, and coins into your pocket with disdain. Now you have to find the perfect wallet for your clothes and style.

And rather than purchasing a large wallet that can hold everything you own to place in your trousers, a slim wallet is needed to match your iPhone instead. But which wallet should you purchase. Well, here are five slim wallets every man will love.



SlimFoldProduced in California, this ultra-thin wallet was designed to be thin enough to fit inside a front pocket alongside an iPhone. It is made from Tyvek, a synthetic material, which is smooth as well as light, in fact the SilmFold is five times lighter than leather wallets, and six times as thin.



Supr Slim. Designed for the minimalist in all of us, the Supr Slim has been labeled as a “super-thin, card-carrying over-achiever,” by its creators. Supr Slim only holds your essential cards and should make you clear out all of your one-dollar bills, coins, and year-old receipts.



The Curve BifoldCreated by Big Skinny, The Curve Bifold is slick and sophisticated, yet still stylish. The curve was designed with two-rounded edges and can fit anywhere on your person whilst holding around 20 plastic cards as well as cash.



Slim Sleeve. Small and convenient whilst beautiful and sexy, the slime sleeve wallet can house your cards and money, and even comes with a pull-tab to make your infrequently accessed cars available to you. If this was a woman you’d want to smooch it.



Men’s Slim line Billfold Wallet. Simple and stylish, this slim line wallet has two banks of three credit card slots on either side, as well as a pocket at the rear to hold notes. It’s perfect for skinny jeans and thin people in general.