For those into craft whiskey (and who isn’t, these days?), The Daily Beast recently posted a pretty disturbing article. The gist is that a lot of small batch whiskey makers actually purchase most or all of their booze from a massive distillery in Indiana. Some of the higher-profile offenders included Bulleit Rye, Templeton Rye and High West.

The funniest—or worst—part? This factory is in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, not to be confused with Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, where a lot of legit brown spirits are born.

The vaunted WhistlePig Rye, meanwhile, hails from Canada. Freakin’ Canada.

We really have no idea what to believe anymore, but here are a few whiskeys that appear to actually come from the places they claim to come from. Bottoms up, and buyer beware…

Leopold Bros., Colorado: Their house-distilled whiskeys attempt to recreate the pre-prohibition style and aren’t from Indiana.

Few Spirits, Illinois: Based in Evanston Illinois, Few Spirits even names their master distiller, Paul Hletko, so this had better be real.

Catoctin Creek, Virginia: They distill in-house in Virginia and it’s kosher. Not much else to see here.

Hudson Whiskey, New York: Ask the dog.

Knob Creek, Kentucky: Yes, it comes from mega-brand Jim Beam. But hell, at least we know it’s distilled in Clermont.