There are a number of different terms that come from sports that are used to describe sexual behavior. They are frequently used by teenage boys who are uncomfortable using the actual words to describe their sexual feelings and desires. Instead, they use the language of sports because it is familiar and  natural. Sports like baseball have a number of phrases that are often used to describe sexual activity. The double-entendre of these phrases makes it easier to talk about subjects that may be uncomfortable for some. Here are five sports mottos that you can apply to sex.

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines. This applies to automobile racing. Specifically, the race starter at the Indianapolis 500 uses this as the signal to start the race process. The race car, of course, can’t go unless the engine starts over. Well, this expression applies to more than automobile racing. When a man is going to engage in sex, his engine needs to be revving as well. That engine normally takes the form of his desire. Once his desire is engaged, a night of sexual bliss remains on the horizon.


Hit a Home Run. There are many baseball expressions that have meaning in many other areas besides the diamond. Hitting a home run is often used by adolescents to describe their sexual adventures with their girlfriends. Kissing or making out is getting to first base, feeling the breasts is known as getting to second base, heavy petting is getting to third base and intercourse is hitting a home run. Those phrases are not used after high school or college, but even older people remember when they hit their first home run. Babe Ruth would be proud.

Lightweight. This phrase emanates from boxing. A lightweight is a boxer who fights at a weight of 130 to 135 pounds. It can also be used to denigrate somebody’s abilities in sex and drinking. With the latter, a lightweight may get drunk on one or two beers or glasses of wine. The lightweight is scoffed at by his or her buddies. When a man describes a woman as a sexual lightweight, she is timid, fearful and wants to avoid heavy sexual involvement. When a woman refers to a man as a sexual lightweight, he may be a little too quick on the draw or he may be have a deficiency in his equipment.

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Full-Court Press. This is a term that applies to basketball, specifically the act of playing aggressive and tough defense up and down the court. When a man is out on a date with a woman, he may have a tough time knowing whether she wants sex or not, so he applies the full court press by starting to kiss her and then use his hands on her body. This only works if she is giving signals that she wants the man to touch her. If the man has a hard time understanding her signals and he tries this when she doesn’t want him to proceed, it will almost certainly be the couple’s last date.

Back In The Saddle Again. This applies to horse racing for a jockey who has been away from the track due to injury or other reasons. When he returns, he is back in the saddle again. If a couple has been separated or hasn’t engaged in sex for a period of time and then resumes their activity, the man is said to be back in the saddle again.