Clothes can do a great job at showing off a man’s…maleness. You know, the things that make a man a man. Nice shoulders, a trim waist, sturdy legs, all of these things are important parts of the male look. No outfit does a better job of showing off these high points than a suit. But a suit by itself is only part of the equation. There are essential pieces, accessories if you will, that elevate a suit from functional to stylish. Find out which accessories are must-haves the next time you dress up with our list of the five suit accessories you shouldn’t forget.



1. Cufflinks – Oh, sure, buttons are fine to hold you cuffs closed. Just like a 1976 Ford Pinto is fine to get you to work—functional, but not stylish, or fun. Cufflinks are a great way to add a bit of flash to your suit, and even a way to show off your personality. They can be expensive, simple, glittery, or whimsical, but they are a key accessory for any suit.


Pocket Square

2. Pocket Square – Sometimes called a handkerchief, this folded piece of cloth should be clean, crisp, and neatly arranged in your breast pocket. It needs to match your shirt, and under optimum circumstances it shouldn’t be actually used. Blowing your nose and sticking a snotty rag back into your pocket is gross.



3. Watch – It can be worn without a suit, but a suit shouldn’t be worn without it, you know? A little wrist bling (or even a lot) just goes with a suit. The way it peeks out from a well-tailored sleeve just sets off the whole ensemble. Men get few opportunities for tasteful jewelry, so make the most of this accessory.



4. Tie Clip – Don’t sleep on the tie clip. After all, leaving your tie to swing around all willy-nilly is bad form, and looks awkward. Your tie clip, like your cufflink, is functional as well as fashionable, and can be understated or flashy in much the same way.



5. Belt – The belt beats out suspenders by virtue of the fact that no one will see suspenders unless you take off your sport coat. You’ll want a fresh, clean belt with your suit, preferably one that matches your shoes. If you must have a belt buckle, keep it simple. Anything too garish will look tacky.