As the sun begins to make its presence felt, check to make sure you have these five summer essentials that every man should own this summer. When it comes to men’s fashion, the key is to find items that are consistently in fashion. While some men want to overhaul their look every so often, most want to present a classy image of themselves that won’t get their summer photographs laughed at a decade later. The key to summer essentials is to not over-think your approach and to find things you can have some fun while wearing.

Versatile shoes that let your feet breath. Sandals are well and good, but when a softball games breaks out at the family reunion, you’re going to find yourself in the dugout. Instead, pick mesh athletic shoes with a basic color that doesn’t stand out too much, no matter if you’re wearing khaki shorts or basketball shorts. If they cost more than $100, you’re probably paying too much for the same thing you can get cheaper.


Basic t-shirts that fit well. Put the clever catch phrases and brand logos on t-shirts aside and show off what you’ve been doing in the gym all summer long. Summer is too much fun to be laying out your wardrobe for the week, so simplify that wardrobe so that you’re comfortable and ready to go. Since nobody is going to know the brand on a plain t-shirt, avoid designer brands and save your money for items when cost equals better quality.

Sunglasses that will stay in style for summers to come. Who hasn’t look back on an old picture of themselves wearing weird looking shades and cringed? Don’t let that be you down the road, chose a classic style of  sunglasses. If you’ve haven’t seen a style last for more than a few years, then it’s probably not going to last much longer. Expect to pay more than $100 for a quality pair, and even more if you need prescription glasses.

swim trunks.jpg

Swim trunks that are comfortable to walk around in. Sure, you might have done enough squats to get your legs ripped, but that doesn’t mean that everyone at the beach needs to see an outline of your junk. If you can’t get out of the water and play volleyball in your swim trunks, you probably shouldn’t have worn them in the water in the first place. For a decent pair, you’ll probably want to spend around $40.


The cap for your favorite team. Styles come and styles goes, but you’ll always find men walking around wearing caps for their favorite team. The hipster fedora will only take you so far, so represent yourself with something you already love. Most fitted caps will cost between $20 and $30.