So a company called BACtrack makes what they call the most accurate smartphone breathalyzer. And today they released the BACtrack Consumption Report, cobbled together with insight driven by nearly 300,000 data points collected over 13 months from users who allowed access to their location data services.

That’s a pretty impressive sample size, and some of what they found is pretty eye opening.

Such as the following…

1. We don’t drink the most during warm weather months.
Wait, what about barbecues, pool parties and bonfires where the beer flows like wine? December through March is actually the peak drinking season in the United States, according to BACtrack. Short days, long nights, bitter cold, tons of good drinking holidays—guess that does sound about right after all.

2. New Year’s is as big a drinking night as… January 25th?
Not only are the winter months the biggest for drinking, but BACtrack found that 14 of the 15 biggest drinking days of the year (when users have a BAC of 0.08% or higher) fall between December and March. Some of them make total sense and some seem totally… random. The days with the highest average BACs are:
December 6 and 7 (0.087% and 0.088%)
New Year’s Eve, December 31 (0.094%)
January 18 and 19 (0.090% and 0.088%)
January 25 (0.093%)
Super Bowl weekend, February 1 and 2 (0.090% and 0.091%)
The day after Valentine’s Day, February 15 (0.092%)
March 7 and 8 (0.088% and 0.088%)
St. Patrick’s Day weekend, March 14 and 15 (0.087% and 0.094%)

3. When tested, the average BAC is above the legal limit more than 35 percent of the time.
Which basically means that the people who actually have BACTrack devices… probably should.

4. The highest average BAC is in a Boston suburb.
Waltham, Massachusetts, is home to two esteemed universities, Bentley and Brandeis. That may have more to do with the drinking than, say, the sorry state of the Celtics.

5. And the lowest is in a Denver suburb.
Ski towns typically party hard, but Brighton, Colorado is a couple hours from the slopes. And like the rest of the state, people there have another legal substance to use besides alcohol.

Check out the full report. And drink responsibly, ya hear?