The date went well and you’ve invited her back to your place for some Netflix and chilling. Unfortunately, the two of you actually just watch Netflix and she heads home in a hurry. What went wrong? Maybe your apartment’s ambiance is to blame. Here are five things to get rid of if you ever want to woo a woman again.

1. That lame movie poster. We get it, Fight Club blew your mind when you saw it as a freshman in college. “The things you own end up owning you,” right? Wow, deep. But yeah, it’s time to get rid of the Fight Club poster taped to your bedroom wall. You’re a grown-up now; buy some real art and put it in a frame. Plus, do you really want her looking at a picture of Brad Pitt as you disrobe? 

2. The gross mess. Your apartment doesn’t have to be spotless, but you’re going to want to learn some basic cleaning techniques if you don’t want the girls you bring home running for the hills. It’s hard to set the right mood when there are mountains of dirty laundry, old takeout boxes on every surface and the smell of a stinky gym bag wafting through the air.

3. Items that are a bit, ahem, unsavory. Listen, we’re not judging. What you do in your free time is your business—but maybe don’t have evidence of all your bad habits out on display. Find a nice storage cabinet for your bong, stash away the porn DVDs and maybe remove the bottle of lotion that permanently resides on your nightstand. Again, we’re not judging! We’re just saying, put your best face forward.

4. Any signs that your mom is still taking care of you. There’s nothing wrong with a caring mother who loves you dearly. But a girl coming over doesn’t necessarily want to know that your mom still pays your cell phone bill. In fact, put away any paperwork that has your mother’s name listed as the co-signer. And make sure you hide the casserole she delivered with the warm-up instructions taped to the top.

5. Dorm room furniture. You reach a certain age when it’s time to upgrade a few key furniture pieces. Yes the futon is a versatile piece—it conveniently transforms from an uncomfortable sofa to an equally uncomfortable bed. But it’s time to let it go. Get a real couch. Same goes for that $15-plastic storage cart with the clear drawers that you’re keeping all your clothes in. Get a dresser. You’re a man now.

Photo: iStock/g-stockstudio