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It’s all down hill after you hit 30, right? Wrong. But, there are certain adventures to be had before you hit that magic number. It’s not like you can’t do these things after 30, but the older you get, the more responsibility you take on, the more bills you accrue. It’s just a lot harder to do certain things. So get it while the getting is good. Enjoy yourself to the fullest while you coast through your twenties, because you may not be able to have as much fun in your 30’s. These five things, every man should do before turning 30.


A road trip. Be it Spring Break, or just a group of your closest buddies hitting the road together, you need to take a journey like this. It doesn’t matter where the road trip takes you, but ending up in a hot spot filled with scantily clad young ladies would be quite enjoyable. Road trips are a good way to see the country. While heading West is pretty uniform until you hit Texas, Nevada, and California, heading East will expose you to a multitude of regional and cultural differences. Either way, you’re sure to enjoy a road trip with the right folks…and there’s sure to be hot chicks wherever you land!

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Sex. OK, so technically, there’s nothing wrong with being a virgin until your 40’s (ask A.C. Green). But, during your early college years and mid-twenties, you have a better chance of meeting and bedding a variety of different women. Think about it. Colleges and clubs are nothing more than human’s version of nature show watering holes. The possibility for no holds barred booty is staggering in your twenties. You also have more time to explore your freaky desires in your twenties. Once you hit 30, you’ll be well on your way to being in the work force, maybe even have a family. Use your twenties to stretch your sexual legs, so to speak. Protected, of course.


World Travel. Hitting hot spots like Brazil, London, Japan should be done before you hit 30, if you can swing it. Once again, your twenties are a time of freedom, adult freedom, and exploring the world during this time will be most enjoyable. Learning about different cultures, actually experiencing those cultures first hand is priceless. More importantly, you want to exact party filled debauchery in these new lands. And waking up hung over in a foreign land is always awesome. Just make sure you tape everything.

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Explore your passions. A lot of times, when people get older, they look back and say “I wish I would have tried that”. If you want to be an actor, go for it. If you’ve always dreamed of singing, being a fireman, or a doctor, go for it. There’s always time to get a boring desk job. Your twenties is a time for social, mental, and physical experimentation. It’s also the best time for you to make serious moves on your dreams. Once you become an old fart, it isn’t going to happen.


Prepare for your 30s. Nothing is guaranteed. In today’s world where the economy is tanking, jobs are scarce, and money is low, it’s best that you have a few back up plans in life. Come up with niche ways to make a living, that don’t have to do with relying on big business to pay you. If you’re a good photographer, shoot pictures on the side. If you’re a writer, figure out how to generate money with your words. In this way, you’ll always know how to make some sort of living. Hell, if you’re good enough at your hustles, you may not have to take that crappy desk job.