Fuzzy dice might be nice, but they don’t count as a dire necessity that you should have in your car. Five other items do. These items can mean the difference between life or death. OK, perhaps not all of the items have the capacity to save your life, but at least you’ll have some sweet, cool music to groove to while you’re slowly dying on the side of the road.


Kick-ass sound system. Cruising down the street loses its charm if all you hear are the thumps from the potholes. Go for a rocking sound system instead. A high quality system doesn’t need to be blasted, so you can avoid being that annoying car with the loud, tinny noise screaming from the windows and shaking the vehicle. The system should be multi-faceted to play what you want and how you want to play it. Install quality speakers as well as a unit with a CD player and audio jack for your MP3 player or iPod. Traffic jams are so much sweeter when you’re jamming to your favorite band.


Multi-use tool. A multi-use tool is a car owner’s dream, especially when you’re stuck with little repairs that could otherwise be a big problem. Whip out your multi-tool and it has you covered! Use the screwdriver, corkscrew, small scissor set, knife, file, pliers, or bottle opener to fix whatever needs fixing. Yes, sometimes the fix may be popping open a beer while you’re waiting for the tow truck to arrive.


Multi-use charger. When your MP3 player goes kaput, so does your kick-ass sound system. Don’t subject yourself to that horrible thing called local radio when you can instead keep your devices fully charged. In addition to juicing up your MP3 player, a multi-use charger will take care of your cell phone, your laptop, and any other device you would pretty much die without.


Flashlight. Ever try to find that lit cigarette that rolled beneath the seat? What about the joy of attempting to peek into the engine’s deepest, darkest crevices using a lighter? Enough said.


Water. For real! When your engine overheats and starts hissing out steam, you’re going to need some water. When your date spills red wine on her white skirt, you’re going to need water. When your car completely conks out and you’re stranded on the side of the desert road in the middle of nowhere with the sun beating down on your head, sweat streaming down your face, and dust billowing in your eyes, you’re going to need water. Keep a two-gallon jug of water in your trunk. Make sure the jug does not leak.