dealbreaker couple

It takes two to tango, and often when you point the blame in a break-up there are three other fingers pointing right back at you. And sometimes, those fingers have a point, so to speak. You might not be entirely to blame though—there are things guys do that they are not even aware of that cause women to break up. Take note, fellas.

man gaping at another woman

PROBLEM: Gaping. Ogling other women? Ouch. Who wants to hold hands over dinner while you bust your neck looking down the 36 triple D cup of the waitress? “Just looking” is hurtful—not harmless.

FIX IT: It’s not rocket science, dudes. Attentiveness is hotter than Red Hots. Make your girl feel as if she is the only babe in the room. If you choose to look at other women, as is human nature—not in front of your lady. Ever.

Fear of Commitment

PROBLEM: Commitment-Phobia. Not calling her when you say will, or constantly breaking dates reflect lack of commitment. Deal-breaker! A mature boyfriend earns the right to his lady’s fidelity and loyalty by following through.

FIX IT: Stop being a flake. Show your woman that you want to be with her. You don’t have to give her a minute-by-minute play-by-play, but do let her know what’s up with you and call her once in while just to let her know you are thinking about her. Reliability builds security and trust. And longevity.

man laughing

PROBLEM: Goofball. Many a girl has laughed her way into a man’s arms. But when the joking gets out of hand, and it feels like you’re always performing a comedy act, it can get exhausting. A woman wants a man—not a giggling kid or a one-man stand-up show. Yup—definitely another deal-breaker.

FIX IT. Grow the heck up. When your woman needs intimacy, this means vulnerability and tenderness instead of clowning. Listen to her and respond—not react. That doesn’t mean you can’t be fun or funny, just be an adult.


PROBLEM: Hygiene. The bad-boy never goes out of vogue, but consistent lack of good hygiene does. Togetherness does not equate immunity to cleanliness.

FIX IT: Put in the effort to court her. Get a cool hair cut. Shave the head clean if you’re rocking the bald look. Get a manicure. Yes, guys. Manicure. Clean the dirt out from under those fingernails. Cuddling and keeping her will be easy if you smell nice.


PROBLEM: Boredom. Thou shalt not bore thy girlfriend. Or thyself. If you have lost the imagination that brought you two together, quality time with Adult Swim will not cure it.

FIX IT: Spontaneity brings excitement. Go rock-climbing or wine tasting. Taking creative risks together builds memories and brings a couple closer.