1. MTV is feeding your ’90s nostalgia craving.
We could all use a little escape back to a simpler time, when a Clinton was safely ensconced in the White House and Donald Trump was just a simple corrupt mogul bankrupting companies. MTV is pandering to Generation X and Y’s endless hunger for the recent past with MTV Classic, a new channel dedicated to the station’s programming from the ’90s and early aughts. We’re talking Beavis and Butt-Head, Daria, Total Request Live, Aeon Flux and Real World. It’s set to launch August 1st, on the anniversary of MTV’s 1981 launch. If they really wanted to get throwback-y, they should maybe air, you know, music videos.

2. Very, very old cheese was found in a 17th-century shipwreck.
There’s aged cheese and there’s aaaaaged cheesed. Researchers have been poring over the booty recovered from the wreck of the Kronan, a Swedish ship that sank into the Baltic in 1676, since it was first discovered in 1980. Among the bounty: a diamond ring, brain matter of the dead crewman and gold coins. There was also a black tin jar that smelled particularly pungent. Inside? Cheese—possibly Roquefort—aged 340 years in a watery grave. “I think it smells quite nice, because I like exotic food. But I would not want to taste it,” said Lars Einarsson of the Kalmar County Museum. Um… Gross, dude.

3. New Zealand retirees shot a perfect re-creation of a Taylor Swift music video.
If old age is this fun, sign us up. The members of a retirement community in New Zealand took it upon themselves to film a shot-for-shot remake of the music video for Taylor Swift earworm Shake It Off. And it is just… perfect. The octogenarian cast gets super into it, from twerking to breakdancing to performing ballet. The many, many costumes were even made by one of the residents. We apologize for getting this song in your head again, but my God, do watch the video.

4. The Oregon State Fair will give out prizes to marijuana plants this year.
Ah, the bounty of the earth! Thanks to a law enacted last year, weed is now legal in the great state of Oregon. So why not treat it like any other crop? Pot plants will now join gourds, onions, llamas and other sundry farm items in competition at the Oregon State Fair. Nine competitors will display their prize ganja in a 21-and-over tent for a chance to win a blue, purple or yellow ribbon. “We are doing it 4H style,” said judge Ed Rosenthal. No word yet on whether the plants will be judged by how dope of a high they produce.

5. Make like Ahab and stalk a white whale… on Twitter.
So, of course Australia has something called the White Whale Research Centre, dedicated to keeping tabs on rare white humpback whales. Their star player: Migaloo. The big guy is a regular celebrity in Australia, having been spotted by experts and amateurs alike off the coast since 1991. Fortunately there are no megalomaniacal one-legged sea captains hunting him for revenge, but he does have a Twitter account that allows modern-day Ishmaels to keep up with his whereabouts. He was last spotted two days ago off Cape Byron. Keep on truckin’, Migaloo.