1. White dudes and further white dudes top Oscar nominations
’Tis the season for ragey pop-culture think pieces! (And people say there are no fun holidays in January.) This year, the talk is about how the Oscars are even more White Guy City than usual. The excellent Birdman and Grand Budapest Hotel topped the bill with nine nominations apiece, but critically acclaimed, female-directed Martin Luther King biopic Selma was a notable snub. On the plus side, Emma Stone’s reaction to her best supporting actress nomination for Birdman was wonderful: “I am so fucking excited. Are you allowed to say fuck when you’re making a statement for the Oscars?” [EW, The Guardian]

2. Solar system may have two more planets than we thought
Astronomers in Madrid and Cambridge, England, both dropped papers this week suggesting that the Earth might have more solar neighbors than previously thought. Scientists have noticed weird orbital patterns in smaller celestial bodies that lie beyond outer planet Neptune, leading them to believe that some as-yet-undiscovered objects might be flexing their gravitational muscles. The upshot? We might be looking at one or two more icy worlds somewhere beyond Pluto. [io9]

3. Icelandic brewery to release whale-testicle beer
In wrong-on-so-many-levels news, Icelandic beer maker Stedji has a new brew in the works for midwinter festival Thorri that’s made with, yes, smoked whale nards. First of all: The fin whales whose balls they’re mixing with hops are endangered, and conservationists are justifiably pissed off about the move. Second of all: Why. Just…why. [Guardian]

4. Adventurer to attempt around-the-world flight in solar-powered airplane
Bertrand Piccard, last seen circumnavigating the globe in a hot-air balloon in 1999, is going for another record: He plans to take the Solar Impulse 2, the world’s first completely solar-powered airplane, on a trans-global flight. Not only is the guy going to pilot the thing, but he also designed it himself. Piccard plans to take off in March; keep your fingers crossed for a sunny spring. [CityLab]

5. Website offers revenge in the form of glitter bombs
Anyone who’s ever opened an overly enthusiastic wedding invitation or hosted a Midsummer Night’s Dream–themed party (what, you haven’t?) knows that glitter gets absolutely everywhere and never, ever leaves you. A high-concept website called Ship Your Enemies Glitter[http://shipyourenemiesglitter.com/] has turned sparkling into a form of payback, sending anyone you loathe an envelope full of glitter for $9.99. The service has proven so popular that orders are temporarily at capacity. [Mic]