1. Saturday Night Live celebrates 40 years on Sunday
It’s hard to imagine an America without SNL, a show that has tipped over every sacred cow there is since 1975 and launched the careers of countless comedy legends. So it’s no surprise that the guest list for the three-and-a-half-hour 40th anniversary special is the ultimate who’s-who. Former cast members from Dan Akroyd and Dana Carvey to Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler will be on hand, plus an endless array of celebrities, musicians and political figures. [E! OnlineRolling StoneGeek Nation]

2. Jon Stewart to leave The Daily Show
We suppose we should’ve seen the writing on the wall when Colbert stepped down from his Report, but it was still no less of a sad little shock. This week, beloved journo-comedian Jon Stewart announced his departure from the anchor chair sometime this year. The normally wry anchor was visibly moved when he broke the news on Tuesday night, looking back over his 17-year tenure. “This show doesn’t deserve an even slightly restless host, and neither do you,” Stewart said to the camera. Check out the video below. [SLATE]

3. Satellite sent to space to save Earth from the sun
After a few failed launch attempts, SpaceX rocket Falcon 9 launched the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR, get it?) on Wednesday. The satellite is headed for the sweet spot between Earth and the sun—about a million miles away—and will alert scientists about solar flares that could mess with our planet’s power grid. Real spacestuff is getting more sci-fi by the day, as NASA’s new team of Jedi knights—er, ISS astronauts—will tell you. [New York Times]

4. The state of dating in 2015: Bankers and Brits come out on top
Universal truths: Change is a constant, taxes suck and dating never, ever gets easier. This week, Time Out took the dating temperature of cities around the world and discovered statistics both surprising and expected. Paris is the best city for playing the field; British accents are the sexiest; both men and women love dating financial types; and 20 percent of dates end in mutual nakedness. Check out more in the mag’s lengthy infographic. [Time Out]

5. Parrot reenacts previous owners’ divorce
A North Carolina woman who adopted a Moluccan cockatoo was surprised to discover that the bird has a penchant for performing long, dramatic fights, flaring out her feathers and gesticulating with her head. She’s likely imitating her former owners, a couple who were in the midst of a messy divorce. Hey, even birds have baggage. [Huffington Post]