1. We are the hollow dresses, we are the stuffed dresses
This is the way the world ends / This is the way the world ends / This is the way the world ends / Not with a bang but with a dress. One poorly lit photo of a boring dress has torn society asunder overnight. Brother has barricaded his house against brother, and great gold-and-white armies are amassing on the high plains, their banners catching the sunlight as the blue-and-black infantry lies in wait in the dark forests beyond. And from his fortress on a distant mountaintop, the Evil Wizard of Color Relativity messes with exposure settings on Photoshop and laughs his high, cold laugh as the battlefield rings with the song of steel. [Wired]

2. Marijuana legalized in Washington, D.C.
Our nation’s capital, of all places, has found itself at the forefront of the ganja revolution. As of this week, weed is officially decriminalized in D.C., to the point that citizens can now legally possess two ounces of weed and own up to six pot plants. Congress ain’t happy, so fire up those bongs while it lasts, Beltwayers. [Rolling Stone]

3. Mega black hole discovered in deep space
Think the show you’ve been shoveling all month long is heavy? Try hefting 12 billion suns. That’s the weight of a super massive black hole recently spotted by astronomers at Peking University in China. What’s remarkable about the huge freakish thing is that it grew to its giant size over a relatively short period of time, debunking previously held hypotheses that black holes grow slowly, sucked-up star by sucked-up star. The monster powers a quasar galaxy that’s approximately 2 billion light years away from our little rock. [National Geographic]


4. Star-studded Power Rangers short is the missing link between Repulsa and Tarantino
Of all the dark sci-fi/superhero reboots waiting in the ether out there, the last thing any of us expected was a pitch-black follow up to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Yet action-short master Joseph Kahn defied the odds to create a 14-minute follow-up that’s intense and action-packed as hell, James Van Der Beek and Battlestar Galactica‘s Katee Sackhoff. These are not the cardboard-looking mechas of your youth, we promise. Just watch it.

5. Slo-mo llama chase grips Arizona, world
Aside from DressGate, the other thing that had humans everywhere glued to their computer screens yesterday was the dramatic, Thelma and Louise-style escape of a pair of llamas in a Phoenix suburb. The chase, captured live, lasted more than an hour. Everyone from cops to bystanders got involved as the twosome dodged and weaved through traffic, before finally being lassoed by people nearby who, of course, happened to have lassoes on them. The intrepid guys are now back home with their owners, but we’re looking forward to their memoirs: Fear and Loathing in Sun City: Two Llamas on the Llam.
[AZ Central]