1. Zoolander sequel announced via catwalk strut
Style mavens at Paris Fashion Week got a surprise on Tuesday when Derek Zoolander and Hansel McDonald (a.k.a. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson) materialized on the runway at the end of the Valentino show. It was the Zoolander-iest way possible to announce the follow-up to the much-loved 2001 comedy, with Stiller and Wilson staging a walk-off and flashing their best Blue Steels. Heck, they even hung out with Anna Wintour backstage. The movie is due out next February. [NY Mag]

2. A whole bunch of drugs accidentally legalized in Ireland
Due to the funnest kind of legislative mix-up, a whole medicine cabinet’s worth of illegal substances—including ecstasy, meth and ‘shrooms—became temporarily legal in Ireland on Wednesday. The loophole was due to part of the 1977 Misuse of Drugs Act getting declared unconstitutional. Sadly for Celtic ravers everywhere, emergency legislation corrected the mistake after a day. But there was once a glorious 24 hours… [CNN]

3. Will Ferrell smashes baseball records
And speaking of all you can accomplish in a single day, Will Ferrell showed us all up yesterday by doing a crazy sports thing. As part of an HBO special, the comedian played every position on ten Major League Baseball teams, zipping around Arizona during Cactus League games to bat, pitch and what have you for the Angels, the Cubs, the Diamondbacks and so forth. We’d call it showboating, except Ferrell did it all to raise $1 million for cancer research. Not bad, Mr. Burgundy. [AZ Central]


4. Giant stingray caught in Thailand
It was how big? Conservationist and Animal Planet host Jeff Corwin hooked a 14-foot-long, 800-pound stingray in Thailand’s Mae Klong River, the largest freshwater fish ever caught with a rod. The huge ray, which doesn’t look so much like a fish as it does a slimy area rug, is a pregnant female that took many hours and multiple guys holding on to the fishing pole to bag. Footage shows the fishermen gathered around the beast in a submerged pen, but you couldn’t pay us enough money to get that close to a stinger that big. [Daily Mail]

5. Obama reads mean tweets
Jimmy Kimmel has gotten plenty of celebrities to read Twitter screeds about themselves out loud on his show, but this week he got a whopper: Barack Obama, who is rapidly establishing himself as the most-willing-to-laugh-at-himself president in U.S. history. Check out the video below to see Obama share such deep thoughts as: “Is there any way we could fly Obama to some golf course halfway around the world and just leave him there?” [Buzzfeed]