1. Stephen Colbert interviews Jon Stewart
With only 12 more shows left in his tenure at Comedy Central, Colbert finally brought his other half up to the interview desk: Daily Show host and BFF Jon Stewart. He was there to talk about his new movie, Rosewater, but it was all about the adorable repartee between Stewart and Colbert, the character. “I used to be over there with your writers with their opium bongs,” Colbert spat. Don’t leave us, Steve! [Washington Post]


2. Grandmas smoke weed; Oxford Dictionaries follows suit
And speaking of bongs… The team behind Cut Video decided to take advantage of Washington state’s new legalization of marijuana in the most endearing way possible—by getting a bunch of grandmas totally baked and then filming them eating cookies and playing Cards Against Humanity. In related news, the Oxford Dictionaries team has chosen its word of the year: “vape.” Technically they’re referring to e-cigarettes, but…whatever, man. [Gizmodo, New York Times]


3. OK Go to release new album as DNA
From the power-pop band that has brought you a garden variety of science-y stunts—including an elaborate Rube Goldberg device and laser-etched toast animation—comes the science-iest of them all. The foursome plans to release an edition of its recent album Hungry Ghosts that’s encoded on strands of genetic material, with the help of UCLA biochemist Sri Kosuri. What you’ll get if your order the double-helix version is a vial of water droplets with a hundred thousand copies of the album embedded on a couple nanograms of DNA. And you thought a MiniDisc player was hard to find… [DIYMag]


4. Tractor-trailer jumps over racecar
Because people have an unlimited capacity for staring death in the face and cackling, stunt driver Mike Ryan climbed behind the wheel of a souped-up semi truck proceeded to jump it over a Formula One car, piloted by Martin Ivanov. The result broke the world record for jump length, is totally badass, and is not nearly as bloody as that movie Joy Ride. [Car and Driver]


5. Kitten lost in New Mexico turns up in Maine
In a turn of events that could be the plot of Homeward Bound 3, a kitten that went missing in New Mexico reappeared in Maine three weeks later. The lil’ furball, whose name is Spice, was found unharmed in a duffel bag outside a thrift store in Portland—2,300 miles from her home. How she got there remains a mystery, but we choose to believe that she has secret teleportation powers. [CBS News]